VLC starts making its comeback on the App Store

by Kelvin

VLC begins its return to the App Store and can now be downloaded on some iPhone and iPad

The famous application for video playback from iPhone and iPad, VLC, is in its phase back to the App Store, the app store of Apple. After its mysterious and silent disappearance last September, the new version of the application that was under development and had a launch window planned for earlier this year, seems to be very close to its official exit .

VLC starts making its comeback on the App Store 3

The new version of VLC includes support for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and other news

The application, VLC for iPhone and iPad, is available for free in the App Store, however, it seems that this is only for some users and that it will finally officially reach all users in the coming days after its worldwide launch.


This new version arrives after solving the licensing problems I had, in addition, This VLC update also includes some very important improvements. Among these, it can be noted that the new version is optimized for the screen resolution of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6, in addition to It has the ability to play a lot of multimedia files that are not normally supported by iOS, the mobile operating system of Apple, including MKV video files.

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With VLC you can also count on support for the lock code, for subtitles and AirPlay, as well Allows you to transfer files to an iOS device through iTunes File Sharing or via Wi-Fi through a web browser, you can play content directly from the network, upload media files through Google Drive, Dropbox and more.

If you had VLC before you can download it again on iPhone and iPad, I tell you how

As we said, it seems that we are very close to the official launch of VLC for iPhone and iPad, similarly, if you had already paid to download any of the previous versions of the application to watch videos when it was available in the App Store, then you can already return it to download VLC for iOS through the purchase section of your iTunes account or directly from the App Store.

For this you simply have to:

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Click on Updates, bottom right.
  3. Now select Purchased.
  4. Search for the VLC application.
  5. Click on the cloud icon with the down arrow to start downloading VLC on your iOS device.

With these simple steps you will get back to download VLC on iPhone and iPad, free, from the App Store before it is officially available to all users.

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