Vodafone: New prepaid rate with 10 GB of data volume for 20 euros

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Vodafone: New prepaid rate with 10 GB of data volume for 20 euros

Vodafone has introduced a special prepaid tariff with Callya Digital. For 20 euros there are 10 GB unusually much unthrottled data volume. When paying but not the same rules apply as for other Callya rates.

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Vodafone offers various mobile phone tariffs for smartphones. | (c) Vodafone


(c) Vodafone

Vodafone markets Callya Digital exclusively through its own website and also the support options are restricted for customers of the tariff. In addition, there are differences in the possibility of payment – compared to other Callya rates from Vodafone. With an unthrottled data volume of 10 GB, customers receive an unusually high volume of data at a price of 20 euros if the tariff is booked directly by the network operator and without a contract period.

Vodafone itself advertises the tariff with the following words:The CallYa Digital offers all the advantages of a prepaid offer with its short term and combines these with the scope of a two-year contract. Today we are entering a new market segment – with a real fight rate" and further:

"With CallYa Digital we want to shake up the discounter market. We want to delight customers with a lot of data for little money, with maximum speed and minimum runtime."
Andreas Laukenmann, Managing Director Private Customers at Vodafone Germany

As with many other prepaid rates, Callya Digital has a term of four weeks. The tariff can therefore be terminated or suspended at any time after the expiry of the four weeks. Callya Digital includes a telephone and SMS flatrate in all German networks. The tariff covers EU roaming.

LTE up to 500 Mbps

The new tariff "CallYa Digital" for 20 EUR contains 10 gigabytes of data per month, LTE Max and can be terminated on a monthly basis. | (c) Vodafone

Callya Digital users use Vodafone's LTE mobile network at speeds up to 500 Mbps. If the data volume is used up after four weeks, the speed is reduced to 32 KBit / s, a reasonable mobile Internet use is thus no longer possible.

If necessary, additional unthrottled data volume can be booked for a fee. Again, 400 MB are available for 2.99 euros, 800 MB beat with 6.99 euros to book, 2 GB cost 9.99 euros, 4 GB receive customers for 19.99 euros and for 29.99 euros, there are again 6 GB to.

Unlike other Callya rates, Callya Digital does not allow prepaid cards to be used for payment. The payment of the tariff takes place in advance and is only possible via a direct debit from a checking account.

Also with the support there are restrictions for this tariff. So there is generally no telephone support available. If you have any problems with Vodafone, you can do so through the Vodafone app, Whatsapp and SMS.

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