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Bring a VPN application in the smartphones or tablets, especially when traveling, is an excellent idea. With them you can get avoid certain connection restrictions which is done on the Internet and, therefore, it is not a bad idea to try some of the existing ones that offer stable and adequate operation, such as VPN Shield.

The truth is that developments as we are talking about are really useful, since they offer several options that has to do with the connectivity offered by mobile terminals (either data or WiFi). An example of what we say is that it is possible to access the websites on a regular basis in countries where this is not possible – even services such as social networks – and, this, VPN Shield achieves this quite efficient as we have checked and with an excellent simplicity, something that is not exactly common in works of this type.

Start of the VPN Shield application VPN Shield application interface

The way VPN Shield works is the usual one in this type of development: you can access a server which can be in different countries (this depends on each application) and, in this way, the access place is masked since it is a gateway that is added before a connection is completed. In this way, restrictions are avoided and, even, it is possible to enter stores in countries other than the one being (and, this is also useful at specific times). The case is that the process we discussed in the case of this application it's a bit slower than in other developments, so this should be taken into account (without being anything dramatic).

How to install a VPN on your Android or iPhone mobile and the best applications

A good detail of VPN Shield, is that in the tests we have done, the requirement offered in The minimum requirements is not very large. In a model with quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM it works perfectly and, although it is used in more powerful models, the fluidity is the same. Therefore, a good optimization work has been done. Therefore, even in input range tablets it is possible to use it without problems this VPN client.

Help in VPN Shield VPN Shield connection options

Additional VPN Shield Details

An important one is that the work is completely translated, so its use is really simple. In addition, activation is done with a simple slider, which increases how easy VPN Shield management is. Nor should we say to comment that among the notifications The terminal in which it is used is always one that indicates the development is active and allows access to the configuration, so live management is very simple.

Configuration options in VPN Shield List of countries in VPN Shield

The list of countries in which they exist servers it is enough wide, so there is generally no problem finding a suitable one (the ones that have worked best for us have always been the one in the US and the one in Germany). By the way, if you are one of those who are looking for many options to manage the connection time that is established, it must be said that VPN Shield offer the basics Without looking for complications. This is good because it allows everyone to use it, but it reduces the configuration possibilities.

Card in VPN Shield Connection established in VPN Shield

Get now with VPN Shield

If you think that with this application it is more than enough to always have access to the Internet when you travel abroad, you can get it at Galaxy Store and Play Store without any cost. The truth is that it is quite simple to use, but it has some shortcomings that most travelers may notice.

VPN Shield application table

Download VPN Shield at Galaxy Store

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