Vsmart will bring a 5G smartphone to Europe

by Kelvin
Vsmart will bring a 5G smartphone to Europe

Partnership announced between VinSmart (Research and Manufacturer, member of Joint Stock Company) e Fujitsu (Connected Technologies, member of Fujitsu Group Japan). The goal is to cooperate in the development of one smartphone able to exploit the potential of networks 5G relying on the mobile platform Qualcomm Snapdragon.

VinSmart: a 5G smartphone for Europe

The device that will be born from the handshake will be entirely produced in Vietnam (where VinSmart is based), more precisely in the area of ​​Hòa Lạc, which is increasingly becoming a technological center. The next brand debut on the market VSMART is expected by April 2020 within the territories of Europe, Russia, Vietnam and the American continent. These are the words of Yulia Klebanova, Vice President of Business Development of Qualcomm Europe.


VinSmart arrives on the Russian market at a time of initial 5G approach. Thanks to access to Qualcomm Technologies' ever expanding range of products, VinSmart will be able to present and market high-performance and solid devices on the market, able to support the millimeter-wave spectrum assigned by the Russian 5G regulator.

At the moment it is not known what the name of the phone will be, but some others Technical specifications have already leaked: the body will have IP68 certification to make it resistant to water and dust, it can then pass through the networks 5G to 4G ones depending on coverage.

The Vsmart Active 1+ smartphone

VinSmart, like its Vsmart brand, is a new name on the mobile scene. His arrival in the market dates back to the end of last year, with the launch of the first devices brought then in early 2019 also in Spain and Burma. The intention is to launch 10 new models by December, creating a business that will not be limited to telephones, but will also offer other types of smart products, we presume smart speakers or smart displays.

The Vietnam seems destined to become one of the most important countries for the future of hi-tech: to the country already they look with interest other big names, driven also by the difficulties linked to production in China mainly due to the duties introduced by the United States on imports.

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