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Surely you have asked yourself this question sometime. What is the best water temperature to wash my clothes? The answer is: it depends what kind of garment and / or fabric we are talking about.

Q-rator It is the best laundry assistant powered by artificial intelligence that provides three intelligent functions to manage the washing of your clothes with greater comfort. With this application, users will find a Laundry Planner that allows them to manage the time in which their washing cycle ends, so that it fits each person's personal agendas, and they should no longer wait for that the washing machine is finished so that the person can do the rest of his activities. The intuitive interface is easy to use and will even recommend the right cycle for the given time.

Many people do the washing automatically: they simply separate the white clothes from the colored clothes, put everything in and select the usual washing cycle. The color of the garments is an important element, but there are other factors that you should take into account so that your washing is optimal and the clothes last longer: the fabric, the instructions for washing the labels and the water temperature are factors that also You must take into account.

Do you know the ideal washing temperature for each garment? Then, a brief and useful guide to make the laundry process a less uncertain job.

one. First things first: separate by color. This is the first step before all laundry. If you wash the white and colored clothes together, you could end up with unpleasant surprises. Once the loads are separated, read the labels and follow the washing recommendations, pay special attention to the washing temperature specifications.

two. Take into account the detergent you use and the amounts. Depending on its component, each laundry soap has an ideal temperature. See the instructions forKnow the optimum temperature of the product you usually use.


3. Cold and warm water. If you are going to wash colored clothes, cotton, jeans, lycra, silks, delicate garments and clothes that can shrink, you should use warm to cold water (between 0 and 30 degrees C). If the clothes are very dirty or stained, you can use some product that will be removed before washing or use hot water, but remember to follow the instructions on the labels. The high temperature will remove dirt easily as it will soften the fabric weave, But it is possible to fade colored clothes, fix wrinkles and shrink a piece of wool or cotton.

Four. Hot water. Towels, lines, thick white fabrics and cloth curtains can be washed with hot water (between 40 and 90 degrees C). Although this is the general recommendation, always remember to check the labels. Garments made of white silk or 100% wool or cotton, cannot be washed with hot water.

Your laundry assistant

With the busy life we ​​lead, we always seek to surround ourselves with equipment and technology that facilitate our lives and allow us to devote time to what is truly important. You no longer have to remember cycles, fabrics or temperatures, as the new Combo Duo 2 in 1 washer and dryer with technology Q-rator from Samsung, is here to help you.

With the Laundry Recipe function you will get automatic recommendations for optimal washing cycles based on information such as color, type of fabric and the degree of dirt entered by the user, eliminating the need to guess which cycle is the best.

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