Watch a Tesla Model 3 on autopilot crash into a parked truck and burst into flames

by Kelvin
Sebastian Jimenez

A Tesla Model 3 burst into flames over the weekend after hitting a crane parked on the side of a road. The incident occurred in Moscow and the driver, named Alexei Tretyakov, said the car was on autopilot at the time of the accident. By the way, Tretyakov made a point by pointing out that his hands were on the wheel at that time, according to Tesla's guidelines.

As for the details of the accident, Tretyakov said he was driving at approximately 60 miles per hour when he crashed abruptly with a crane that for some reason had escaped his line of sight. Soon after, the Tesla caught fire with the flames that finally destroyed the car completely. By the way, there were also two explosions that shook the car after the accident.


At the time of the incident, Tretyakov was in the car with his family. Fortunately, Tretyakov managed to escape with only one broken leg, while the rest of his family, which included two children on his back, managed to escape with only a few minor bruises.

The collision itself was captured on video and can be seen below. If you look closely, you will notice that Model 3 did not deviate to the left or do anything unusual. In any case, the Model 3 was exactly in the middle of the lane when it approached a crane protruding from the side of the road to the road.

Below you can see a more detailed video of the sequels, along with the resulting fire and explosion.

Another angle of the incident, along with the consequences of the fire, can be seen through the video below.

Image source: TierneyMJ / Shutterstock

Source: BGR

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