Waze improves design and broadens route vision; check out news

by Kelvin
Waze improves design and broadens route vision;  check out news

Waze updated, on Tuesday (27), the pre-drive screen on Android and iOS to provide more information before users start driving. Now, the application will display on the first screen all the information that the driver needs before starting a route.

The goal is for the user to have a more complete view of the path to be taken. The app will display alternative routes, traffic levels, real-time reports and toll information, as well as explanations for choosing a particular route.

In the previous model, the app recalculated the route, in case of traffic jams or accidents, only after the driver had started to move. With the change, the Waze algorithm presents the entire path of the route on the first screen.


The experience has started to be gradually rolled out around the world, but it will only reach all users in the coming months. To take advantage of the latest updates, it’s important to download the latest version of Waze.

How Waze works

Waze is currently one of the most popular browsing platforms out there. The app, created in 2008 and purchased by Google in 2013, has the power of the community to provide users with accurate traffic reports, being able to generate faster routes that avoid traffic jams, accidents and other dangers that can slow you down.

The app was created as a social navigation tool for private cars. Therefore, it does not offer information about public transport, like other applications such as Google Maps. Waze uses information from active users to calculate average speed, check for errors, improve road layout and learn street direction.