We already know the name and version of the iPhone. eleven


The rumors about the iPhone 2019 will not stop appearing until we officially know it. According to the latest leak, Apple It can work on up to three different models, the iPhone XR update and the iPhone XS and XS Max updates. Now New information reveals the name and version of the iPhone 11 this.

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The maker of the cover has revealed the names of the new iPhones. The interesting thing about this leak is that there are already rumors about the name change on the new cell phone Apple. According to the manufacturer, The iPhone 2019 will be called iPhone 11iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max IPhone 11 will be the current Xr update, and it can come with multiple main cameras and features similar to the current iPhone XS. IPhone 11 Pro can be an iPhone XS. In this case it will have three main cameras, the same as the Pro model, which will be called iPhone 11 Max In this case I will only change the screen size with respect to the iPhone 11. I think so Apple I wouldn't choose an iPhone 11 Pro Max because it doesn't look that good.

The design is similar to the previous generation.

In addition to the camera module, which will have a square shape, many more changes in the physical appearance of this terminal are not expected. They can even match screen sizes. Of course, we will look at a new and more powerful processor and other features in the software. The latest rumors also confirm that the model may be compatible with Apple Pencil, although it is not possible to consider the size of this device. CAs always, iPhone 11 will launch in September. Apple He hasn't sent out an invitation to the press yet, so we don't know the exact day of Keynote.

In addition to the iPhone, Apple They can announce new iPads Pro, new versions of smart watches and new headphones.

Via: 91Mobiles.

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