We Collect Everything We Could See Today at WWDC 2013

by Kelvin
We Collect Everything We Could See Today at WWDC 2013 1

Just a few hours for Tim Cook to take the stage at the Moscone Center to surprise the world with the new releases of Apple. And well, throughout this year and the previous one, we have been able to see multiple rumors about what Cupertino might have in their hands: iPhone 5S, iOS 7, iPad Mini 2, OS X «Lynx».. Between many other things. This is why in Todo iPhone we bring you a compilation of the rumors with more force that have been appearing on Apple and what they could launch today in the keynote.

WWDC 2013 Apple Keynote


As usual, Apple Keep a lot of information about your next releases secret, whether at the software level or on a device. However, they always appear online, before launch, leaks of what Apple I could announce in the next keynote. So much so, that we have already seen leaks of some pieces of the new iPhone or iPad 5.

Filtered Images Show New iPhone Parts, will they be from iPhone 5S or iPhone 6?

iPhone 5S Display Rumor

As we know, the Cupertino company annually launches a new smartphone to the market. And we also know, that every time Apple announces a new iPhone, the following year we met one of its models «S«, Which look almost the same, but have improvements in their performance. The fact that we only find filtered images of internal parts of the new iPhone makes us think that maybe this year we will see an “S” model of the iPhone 5, the Iphone 5s.

We may be wrong and see a new iPhone completely redesigned, although we do not believe that we see anything about iPhone 6 for now.

Apple Could Cover More Mobile Market with a Low Cost iPhone

iPhone Economic New Photos Rumor - 1

Another of the rumors that have gained a lot of strength are those around a Low-Cost iPhone with which Apple It would aim to cover more market. If we look at the competition, we see that they have both flagship and mobile vessels of lower benefits, thus, they cover a large part of the market. As well, Apple it seems that he doesn't want to be less and we could see the launch of a iPhone «Mini» with benefits lower than those of the iPhone 5 or the possible iPhone 5S. Even so, Apple could cut manufacturing costs as it would be remove the Retina Display and the aluminum back, among other things.

iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 «Lynx» Renewed Thanks to Jony Ive

New Concept of iOS 7 that allows to change the User Interface

We already show you some reports where the same CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, flattered the "incredible" work that Jony Ive had done in the redesign of iOS 7. Minimalist features and new features is what the new version of iOS could hold. Without a doubt, this drastic update of the operating systems of Apple it was something necessary and hopefully in today's keynote we will see a good face wash of iOS 7 Y OS X 10.9 «Lynx».

Will you update Apple Your Tablets Range with iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2?

iPad 5 Render

Although it is true, the iPad has provided the Cupertino company with numerous revenues and it is also a tablet that its buyers like, so much so that they constantly ask for updates of said device. The launch of the iPad Mini was well received in the market and now they ask for an update of the small tablets of Apple. Among all the rumors that have come out of this iPad Mini 2, one of the most powerful was one on the benefits that this new tablet could have. On the other hand, there has also been talk of a renewed iPad 5 whose back would carry the same material as that incorporated in the iPad Mini or iPhone 5 and reduced edges. In addition to aesthetic features we can find interesting internal improvements, such as a new A7 processor.

A Smart Watch with which to Enter a New Market, iWatch

iWatch concept Maps - Martin Hajek - 1

Multiple rumors haunt Cupertino's company since his interest in a smart watch was learned. The iWatch it is a release expected by many people and with which Apple would enter fully into a market that is about to grow. There has been talk of the manufacture of 1.5 ″ screens with which Apple It would take your project to reality and in this way, iOS developers will begin to create the adapted operating system that this new device would carry.

The launch of the iWatch would be a great technological step for Apple and with which he would recover his innovative fame that has always been characterized by the apple company.

iRadio, Do We Meet the Streaming Music Service of Apple?

Apple  Radio 2

Finally, there has been much talk about a new music service that Apple It could launch for its users and it is a streaming music service, similar to Spotify or Google Play All Access. In this way, the user can have all his music on hand online and thus save some space on his device. Undoubtedly, the eagerness to store multimedia content on the Internet is shining in many companies and more and more are providing these services to its users. We recently told you that Apple It could have closed an agreement with large companies, which could mean that it would have everything ready for launch today.

Today in the keynote we will leave doubts and see which of these rumors are true. Remember that you can follow the keynote live through All iPhone or but from twitter, where we will be commenting at the time of each novelty of Apple.

And you, what do you think it will launch Apple in the keynote ?, comment below.

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