"We must combat the idea that they prevented us from doing amazing things"

by Kelvin
"We must combat the idea that they prevented us from doing amazing things"

As you will surely remember, one of the great news of this year in the video game industry is the break between Bungie and Activision, a break that began with the development of Destiny 2. While at the time the situation was certainly rough with the separation ahead, now David Dague, who is responsible for communications at Bungie, has offered some statements indicating that Activision did not prevent them from doing the things they wanted in development of the game.

Destiny 2


Currently, Bungie You already have all the rights to the Destiny saga, but until now, both firms had the rights to publish the game as part of an agreement to eight years long. And it is that with the end of the agreement, rumors began to disperse that Activision had tied the developer shortly to prevent them from doing some things, but now David Dague has clarified the situation indicating that it was not.

"I think we have to fight the idea that Activision has been a prohibitive gerifalte that prevented us from doing amazing things. We launched the saga together with Activision, and naturally during the passage of time the decision was made that we had different goals on what we wanted it to be, so we separated.

It was kind of friendly and now we are doing the solo game, doing what we think is necessary to make it amazing. "Bungie's representative commented.

via: Eurogamer

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