We spend up to 14 hours in front of a screen in quarantine

by Kelvin
We spend up to 14 hours in front of a screen in quarantine

Since the coronavirus crisis pushed us to be quarantined, there have been a great number of changes in our day to day. Being at home has changed our consumption, rhythm of life and, of course, work and leisure. As the statistics indicate, we now spend much more time in front of the screens.

The data they have collected in the new study of Multiópticas, Screen Pollution: Screens and confinement, they conclude that the Spanish got to pass up to 14 hours on average in front of the screens, an important 30% increase in daily time compared to before confinement.


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According to the data collected, more than 86% of Spaniards have considerably increased the time spent in front of the screens, with La Rioja and Navarre leaders of this important growth.

Obviously, this increase has also brought changes. The walks and the de-escalation will help to reduce the hours in front of the screen, which also have caused eye discomfort up to 60% of respondents.

As for the time increases, they have been divided by devices. It is calculated that the daily average is 1.35 hours more with mobile phones, 1.31 more hours of television and 1.17 more hours with the computer.. And is that half of the Spanish have started making video calls, to give an example, or 18% use a device with a screen to learn how to cook.

It is clear that digital and screens have been a refuge for everyone during this time, both for work and for information or entertainment. It will be especially interesting to compare the data that we have on the use of screens when it returns to a certain normality compared to those prior to the crisis, how our habits will have changed.

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