Website notification in Google Chrome: how to disable it

Website notification in Google Chrome: how to disable it 1

We all surf with our cell phones. Android online You may have since Google Chrome, this is the most used browser in the world. Today we teach you a trick to make your experience while browsing much more satisfying. This is a tutorial for disable web notifications in Google Chrome. We are not referring to the notifications you receive from the browser in your notification bar, but to the notifications that appear in popup box when browsing. They are very annoying and on several occasions you can go wrong and do some dangerous actions for your smartphone.

This type of notification becomes very popular on the different pages you visit every day. Most of them ask you to display a warning in the notification bar, something they can use to send you news on the web or new news. At we don't do this, so you don't need to worry about our website. Yes We cannot say the same about the rest of the Internet.

Turn off annoying Chrome website notifications

We are sure of it navigate Google Chrome after missing popup with a message to receive notifications or automatically download content. This also occurs in desktop browsers, although it is not too annoying. On Android, this can be very dangerous, because some websites use this notice to download content that is not highly recommended. This can be a problem if you leave your tablet or cell phone for your children, although it can also fall.

To avoid all these notices, which are not only annoying, but also dangerous, You must enter Google Chrome settings. In this section you will see an option called 'Notification'. After logging in, you can manage the notifications you receive from the browser, although what interests us is at the bottom displacement, specifically in the 'Website' option.


In this subsection we find several switches to manage the web notifications you receive while browsing. Do you want to finish it? Deactivate both options! With this process, you will forget about notifications displayed by web pages when you browse.

You also have the option to click 'Show notifications' and Select the website you want and the type of notification you do not want to receive. You will see all the websites you have visited that have this type of warning in the form of pop-up windows. The most recommended is to disable it completely.

With this simple process, you only need a few seconds disable annoying web notifications in Google Chrome. They will never bother you again and will not compromise your privacy.

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