Western Digital Launches Ultrastar DC SN640 SSD: Capacity of up to 30.72 TB

Western Digital Launches Ultrastar DC SN640 SSD: Capacity of up to 30.72 TB 1

Western Digital has announced a new family of SSD companies targeting mixed workloads. The new disk uses self-developed components and comes in the form of EDSFF E1.L, U.2, and M.2-22110 factors offering capacities of up to 30.72 TB.

Based on drivers developed by Western Digital in-house as well as BICS4 3D TLC NAND 96-layer, the Ultrastar DC SN640 SSD is designed for business critical workload applications that demand critical performance, including SQL Server, MySQL, VMware vSAN, Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Solutions, virtual desktops, and others. When it comes to feature sets, the disk supports power loss protection, AES-256 data encryption, instant secure erase, signed firmware downloads, and other technologies.


Depending on the destination application, Western Digital will offer Ultrastar DC SN640 in three form factors. For those who need maximum performance and capacity, the manufacturer will offer SSDs in the form of an EDSFF E1.L factor that will offer capacities up to 30.72TB as well as up to 720K IOPS random read. For blade servers running virtual desktops and similar software, the manufacturer will offer U.2 SSDs that display a capacity of up to 768TB. For limited space and OCP environments, the Ultrastar DC SN640 drive will be available in M.2-22110 form factor and capacity up to 384 TB. Considering the workload, the new SSD offers adjustable durability 0.8 or 2 DWPD for five years.

When it comes to performance, Ultrastar DC SN640 6.4TB U.2 SSD rated up to 3.2GB / s sequential read speed, up to 2.14GB / s sequential write speed, up to IOPS random reads up to 480K and up to 120 thousand IOPS random writes.

Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN640 SSD
2.5 inch
Capacity0.8 DWPD800 GB
1600 GB
3200 GB
6,400 GB
960 GB
1600 GB
3,840 GB
768 TB
1536 TB
30.72 TB
2 DWPD960 GB
1920 GB
3,840 GB
7,680 GB
the interfacePCIe 3.0 x4 (NVMe)
ControllerProperty rights
Read sequentiallyup to 3200 MB / s
Write sequentiallyup to 2140 MB / s
Random Read (4KB) IOPSup to 480K IOPS
Random Write (4KB) IOPSup to 120K IOPS
Mixed read / random write
(IOPS max 70% R / 30% W, 4KB)
up to 240K IOPS
PowerActive12 W825 W20 W
Power loss protectionyes
MTBF2 million hours
To guaranteeFive years
Note:Performance numbers are based on SSD 6.4TB U.2

Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN640 SSD samples are now available for corporate customers and will be commercially delivered later.

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Source: Western Digital

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