What are cyberlockers and what are they for

by Kelvin
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A few years ago services such as Dropbox or Google Drive (along with others that stepped on somewhat more murky terrain like Mediafire or Uploaded) became immensely popular across the Internet. These types of platforms were given the generic name of cyberlockersThey were omnipresent and it seemed that they were going to become the new kings of the Internet. And although it has not been that way at all, it is true that, at least a part of them, has endlessly resisted the passage of time and the challenges that the ever-changing world of technology has put before it. If you always wanted to know what a cyberlocker Keep reading, because we are going to dedicate this article to talk about it.

Definition of cyberlocker

In essence, a cyberlocker is a cloud file storage service. Strictly adhering to this definition, services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive are also included in this category. And because? you will be wondering Very easy: as in many of these cases, the term is composed of two words that, together, would come to form a concept whose approximate translation is "virtual closet".


If we strictly think about what the cyberlockers, we find precisely that: spaces to store our files on-line, organized in the way that suits us: cluttered in a root directory, separated by folders and subfolders and even within compressed files.

These contents can be uploaded and downloaded and, as you can imagine, each user must authenticate with an ID and password to access them. However, staying alone with this when talking about these services would be tremendously simplistic and incomplete.

Uses of cyberlockers

Files uploaded to Dropbox /

The cyberlockers they are used for three things: as personal storage, to synchronize and share files and to cache content. We will try to better define what each of these uses refers to.

In the case of personal storage, these are services aimed at individuals, which offer a kind of "warehouse on-line" which can be used as a backup, remote access to files or to share certain content. Based on the definition we gave you a little higher, this would be the cyberlocker more "pure", so to speak.

When we talk about synchronizing and sharing files we mean services like Dropbox or Google Drive. They allow us to upload a file to our personal cloud and, through a client for our mobile phones or computers, we can consult and alter the content of our personal cloud no matter where we do it. They are the most widespread today.

The last case refers to content providers that can find bandwidth issues to make them reach certain users. In this case there are services that specialize in leaving such preloaded content, so that it can be accessed even with slow connections. This service is aimed at large companies with an Internet presence.

Cyberlockers and intellectual property

Mega, successor of Megaupload /

To many of you it may sound like the date of January 19, 2012, surely as a very sad day. That is the day when the FBI dismantled and closed Megaupload forever. A day that has already gone down in the history of the Internet, giving rise to the so-called "Megaupload case", the most famous in history and that is still not completely closed.

It's not the only one. Rapidshare, another one of the cyberlockers more famous, it also received the attention of the US authorities for the amount of copyrighted content that supposedly hosted its servers in 2010. This iconic service would lower the blind in 2015, after multiple legal battles That ended the company.

Due to cases like these began to be associated with cyberlockers as places to download content protected by copyright. For a long time (at least in Spain) they were a reference in this aspect and they were about to impose themselves on P2P (although for obvious reasons they failed).

Today the association endures. It is easy to find on the network links that point to this type of services to get according to what content in doubtful legal ways. Mega's, Megaupload's successor platform until Kim Dotcom sold it to a Chinese tycoon, are usually the most demanded. As with other similar examples, cyberlockers that are dedicated to hosting these contents work with a hydra effect: you can close one, but surely someone else will be opening another to do the same.

What are cyberlockers and what are they for 1

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