What are the 9 best brands of headphones?

by Kelvin
What are the 9 best brands of headphones?

Are you looking for a new bluetooth headset to enjoy your favorite music? With such a diversity of products, it is not easy to find a product that meets your needs, and even less to know which are the best helmets of each brand. This is why we offer you our selection of the best brands of headphones. You will find a quick history of the brand, our opinion on the brand, as well as the models that are worth a look.

The brands are not classified in order of importance because according to the needs of each one the subjective criterion of “best” can vary considerably. On the other hand, each brand selected in this classification has qualities.

1. Audio-Technica (Japan)

Today, a benchmark in the world of hi-fi and Bluetooth headsets, the Audio-Technica brand began its history in 1962 with the manufacture of phono cells and microphones. Its founder is Hideo Matsushita.

audio-technica logo

The history of Audio-Technica

Director of the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art, Hideo Matsushita has always been passionate about music and hi-fi. In 1962, he decided to leave his post and start his own company for manufacturing mobile magnet phono cells. Audio-Technica was born.

An overflowing passion for innovation

Determined to revolutionize the world of vinyl turntables, the brand continues to innovate and chain product releases. It quickly diversified by marketing just two years after its creation of tonearms for turntables. It was then in 1974 that Audio-Technica presented its first hi-fi headphones which were immediately awarded prizes and praised by the specialized press.

Audio-Technica headphones

Audio-Technica has today widely diversified its offer and offers headphone amplifiers, turntables, cells or Bluetooth headsets. They are also widely recognized for their quality worldwide. This is precisely the case of the ATH-DSR9BT model.

2. Bose (United States)

While still an engineer at the prestigious MIT, Amar Bose founded his company in 1964. He was then supported by one of his teachers who became his financial partner and hired one of his students to assist him.

bose logo

The beginnings of Bose

Fascinated by electronics, the young Amar G. Bose dismantles all the objects he comes across to understand their functioning from a very young age. After studying electrical engineering, he bought speakers and was very disappointed with their sound. He does not need more to get started in the manufacture of loudspeakers which he judges worthy of the name and therefore to create his company in 1964.

A huge research job

Amar Bose and his student then worked tirelessly in psychoacoustics. This science seeks to study the way in which sounds are reproduced and how they are perceived by the human ear. From this study, Bose released its first speaker in 1968. This was then followed by many other models, but also by Bluetooth headsets.

Bluetooth headset: a small revolution

Not content with equipping professionals and the army, Bose soon released a series of helmets for the general public. Wireless models are quickly acclaimed, like the QuietComfort Bluetooth headset.

3. Focal (France)

The French brand Focal was born in 1979 in Saint-Etienne thanks to its founder, Jacques Mahul. It is today one of the most important French brands of audio and hi-fi systems, and marketed in 2012 its first headphones.

Focal logo

The history of Focal

Engineer at Audax and specialist press journalist, Jacques Mahul is not convinced by the speakers of the brand for which he works. He then seeks to improve the sound produced, and for his part makes a model which he calls DB13. He first sells it to his family, but the craze is such that he decides to start his own business by creating his own company: Focal (initially called JMLab).

Focal: recognition of the environment

If the brand knows today a success with the general public, it started its activity by equipping cars and hi-fi systems. Praised by professionals, the brand quickly became an undisputed leader and obtained good results. This allows it to invest relentlessly in research and development.

A variety of products

Known for its speakers and hi-fi systems, the Focal brand launched in 2012 in the marketing of headphones. Its model released in 2016, the Focal Utopia, is also the most emblematic model of the brand.

4. Jabra (United States)

It is the American Elwood G. Woody Norris who founded in 1983 the company Jabra, today specialized in the manufacture of earphones and Bluetooth headsets. Leader in the sector, it also equips many hearing impaired people.

Jabra logo

The history of the Jabra brand

Although founded in 1983, Jabra as we know it today could not be mentioned without mentioning the company The Great Telegraph Company launched in 1869 and intended to link certain European countries by telegraph line. Acquired in 1977, she then developed hearing aids before buying Jabra herself in 2000.

Brand development

It was not until the buyout of the company in 2000 that Jabra met the success of its Bluetooth devices and headsets. With its comfortable, elegant and efficient models, the brand quickly established itself as a specialist and developed its catalog from year to year.

Jabra Bluetooth headsets

Committed to listening quality, Jabra continues to innovate and develop a range of high-performance products. It is also the first to market the first noise reduction microphone or the first Bluetooth headset. And its model the Jabra Motion UC is one of its emblematic models.

Elite 85H
Jabra Move Wireless

5. JBL (United States)

Named JBL after the initials of its founder James Bullough Lansing, this company specializes in the manufacture of high-end speakers and audio equipment. It was born in 1946 in California.

Jbl logo

The entrepreneurial spirit of JBL

Passionate from childhood about everything related to technology, James Bullough Lansing, born James Martini, worked as an auto mechanic in the 1920s. In 1923, he changed his name and joined one of his colleagues to launch his company, the Lansing Manufacturing Company, then specializing in the manufacture of radio speakers. The success of his products then led to the takeover of this company, which he left in 1946 to found a new one: JBL.

The origins of JBL

James Bullough Lansing, now known for the quality of his equipment in the film industry, did not have to wait long to make his new company known. And success is again at the rendezvous as soon as its new model, the D101 speaker, is released.

Models with resounding success

Always at the forefront of innovation and technology, each of the models presented by JBL quickly becomes successful. But its DD67000 speaker remains an exceptional product.

Value for money

6. Marshall (United Kingdom)

The history of the Marshall brand is closely linked to that of rock music. Because it was in 1963 that Jim Marshall designed his first amplifier. The first of a long series that will make the success of this iconic brand.

Marshall logo

Marshall and his rock origins

As rock saw its heyday in the 60s, many musicians came to buy or have their equipment repaired in Jim Marshall’s small music store in London. Often bothered by the sound of amplifiers of the time, some asked him to design new models for them. With the help of his technician, he then manufactured his first model in 1962.

Immediate success

While only a few artists use them on stage, the success is immediate and all want Marshall amplifiers. Since then, the brand has stopped innovating and adapting its products to current society while retaining its vintage charm. Bluetooth headsets were created in 2010.

Technological products with retro charm

Aware that not all music lovers play the guitar, the brand has developed a range of speakers and headphones. And as for the amps, the headphones combine the best of sound and technology, like the Major III, one of its flagship models.

7. Plantronics (United States)

Originally a supplier to NASA and airlines, the Plantronics brand now equips both individuals and professionals in the field of headphones. It was created in 1961 by Keith Larkin and Courtney Graham.

Plantronics logo

The origins of Plantronics

Both airplane pilots in the 1960s, Keith Larkin and Courtney Graham were tired of always having to hold their helmets in their hands. Determined to improve their daily lives, they then use their free time to design a more practical helmet in their garage and succeeded in 1961, when they created their brand, Plantronics.

Helmets for humans

Attached to listening comfort, all of the brand’s headphones are designed according to the specifications and shape of the ears and head. The brand quickly distinguished itself from its competitors and its models were awarded several prizes in the world.

Headsets and Bluetooth

Headphones are still the flagship models of Plantronics today. There are a very large number of them to meet the needs of all customers (listening to music, working, playing sports, e-sports, etc.). The Voyager range is very popular, for example.

8. Sennheiser (German)

Founded in 1945 by a German engineer, Dr. Fritz Sennheiser, the company of the same name makes audio (microphones, speakers, headphones, etc.) its specialty. Its first microphone model is manufactured the following year, while its first Bluetooth headset will not be presented until 2012.

Plantronics logo

The origins of Sennheiser

It was at the end of the Second World War that Doctor Sennheiser surrounded himself with seven of his engineering colleagues and created his company by establishing himself in a laboratory which he called LaborW, like his company. It was not until 1958 that LaborW officially took the name of Sennheiser. He then manufactured his first microphone model in 1946.

Award-winning and rewarded models

Releases of new products then follow quickly for the brand, which is regularly rewarded for its innovations and technological prowess. The recognition is such that Sennheiser becomes in a few years an undisputed leader both in terms of innovation and technology as well as in love of sound and music.

A diverse and innovative catalog

Now essential, Sennheiser products now equip individuals and professionals. And among the various products offered by the brand, the Momentum Bluetooth headset is still considered one of the best today.

Good value for money

9. Sony (Japan)

The war did not spare Japan. But the post-war period was conducive to renewal, and it was precisely in 1946 that the Sony brand (then called TTK) was born. Created by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka, it will take less than 5 years to release its first model.

Sony logo

The Origin of Sony

Engineer and physicist, the two founders of the brand met during the war. Driven by the same entrepreneurial desire, they joined forces in 1946 and founded the Tokyo Tsuhin Kenkyujo company. Their means are then limited and do not allow them to experience success with their first models of tape recorders.

From tape recorder to Bluetooth headset

Little by little, Sony is changing course and expanding its product lines. The brand then marketed many products including Bluetooth headsets which revolutionized the market.

A new technological era

In the 2000s, Sony took advantage of this technological boom to innovate and position itself in a high-end segment. Its products are therefore permanently installed in the landscape and are synonymous with quality. Among them, the WH-1000 XM3 noise reduction Bluetooth headset is a bestseller and equips many music lovers.

For bass lovers

10. TaoTronics (China)

Founded in 2007 in China, the TaoTronics brand today belongs to an American group. It specializes in the design and manufacture of Bluetooth earphones and headsets.

Taotronics logo

The origins of TaoTronics

It was in 2007 that TaoTronics was created in China, then was bought in 2011 by a large American group. It is therefore now based in California, in San José, and specializes in the marketing of technological products for the home, and headsets and earphones to fully enjoy the music.

Brand values

Once bought by the American group Sunvalleytek International INC, the TaoTronics brand saw its sales soar. Now established all over the world, it sells its Bluetooth headsets both in Europe and on the American continent and remains faithful to its positioning by allowing its customers to equip themselves at low cost.

Innovative earphones and headsets

TaoTronics now offers an extensive catalog of products to meet all of its customers’ needs. Always affordable, they benefit from the latest technologies and adapt to all uses, such as its very compact TT-BH047 Bluetooth headset equipped with the latest noise reduction technology.

Value for money

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