What are the best applications to hack WiFi on iPhone or iPad? Step by step guide

by Kelvin
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If we would have to analyze the different application stores that exist in the world of technology, we would realize that the vast majority of software developments belong to those dedicated to decrypting WiFi passwords.

This happens, perhaps, because of the curiosity generated by knowing what the person living near us put in a password, or maybe many applications are downloaded because of our fantasy of wanting to be a hacker and in the future we could enter large databases, for example.


This theme has many myths and many truths. In this article we will show you what is really true of the applications to hack WiFi passwords, we will inform you of the risks we run and the different apps that exist so you can download them.

How do applications work to crack WiFi network passwords?

We often find applications that are dedicated in a magical way to find WiFi passwords. When we install them we realize that they start working not as well as they had promised us.

These applications work for those routers with WPS «WiFi Protected Setup»), which work with a security mechanism to access them with 8-digit codes. There are other ways to connect, but here we will analyze the "WPS PIN" and also the "WEP PIN" Y "WPA PIN".

With this digit system it was possible to avoid entering long passwords and be able to access the WiFi network in an easier way.

The applications that we download from different stores work trying to connect to the router through that 8-digit pin, for what they do a "massive Attack" entering according to the brand of the router that detected different preset PINs.

Obviously, the code is not always correct and if the router changed security it will be virtually impossible to access.

Is it really possible to hack a wireless network using an iOS application?

While it is true that, by means of keys that are already known beforehand, agree algorithms used in a massive way, there are chances of being able to access a WiFi network that is near our place, but in no case regardless of the operating system you can hack a network as easily as some applications offer.

The security offered by the router we want to enter is indifferent to the operating system that has the device with which we want to do the work of hacking.

As we mentioned earlier, if the application hits the 8-digit PIN you can enter the router, but it will not depend on the work of iOS but on the algorithms that exist in advance.

List of the best apps to crack WiFi passwords on iPhone or iPad

The best apps to crack WiFi passwords on iPhone or iPad

As we want to develop a very detailed work, we have to talk about the applications for iPhone or iPad that are available in Apple Store These apps work the same way, trying to enter PINES to "Target router".

Next, we will detail the best apps to crack WiFi passwords:


This application was developed to crack WEP and WPA passwords. It presents a very simple design in which you must make very few clicks to access the router password that we need to enter.

It also offers a signal meter and identifies vulnerable networks to access. Once the networks that are close to us have been scanned, we can obtain data from the manufacturer's name, router model, MAC, link, etc.

Download iSpeedTouched MacOS


It is one of the most downloaded applications, offers a service to establish areas of free access to WiFi, finds networks near the device and loads them in a history.

It shows the different access points that exist in the world So this apps is very helpful for people who are traveling, avoiding paying roaming abroad.

It offers access to WPA and WPA2 networks without hacking, simple to use and downloading is free.

iWep Pro Lite

This classic iOS app offers a dictionary to buy all passwords They adjust to the router's security levels.

It offers among its tools an administrator of the different keys that we handle, we must only remember a master password or key phrase so that the application remembers the others.

There is a more complete version that is iWepPro, with which you can make personal adjustments.

WiFiAudit Pro

It can generate WPA and WPA2 keys, when it is scanned the network provides information about host, IP (both local and public), MAC address, BSSID, broadcast address, netmask.

You can offer us information about Internet speed, it is completely free, you will simply ask us to enable some permissions of our mobile so that it can work properly.


Available for iPhones with jailbreak, allows to crack secure passwords from our iPhone, in a few steps. It also has an Internet speed control and can save the passwords we use permanently.

It is oriented to WPA, WPA2 and WPS.

*Note: This app is not available in the Appstore, although we recommend downloading it to your PC or Mac to be able to crack WiFi passwords

WiFi WPS WPA Tester

Offers a large number of preset passwords from different routers. To be able to decipher the password we will need to load the router brand in the application and then we will click once more.

"UPDATED ✅ Do you need to crack the password of a wireless internet network near you? ⭐ ENTER HERE ⭐ and Find out how to do it ✅ EASY and FAST ✅"

Once you give us the password, we must copy it to be able to enter. That is, it does not provide a shortcut. It is designed for WPA, WPA2 and WPS networks.

WLAN audit

You can easily crack the password for WPA and WPA2 routers that have default passwords. IOS devices must have jailbreak to scan nearby networks.

It offers a simple screen so that the steps we must do are intuitive.

Instabridge WiFi

One of the most sought after by users with manufacturing devices Apple. Among its advantages we can mention that it has a good database with "Passwords types", generating greater probability of success in the connection.

It works to obtain keys of WPA, WPA2, WPS among other types. It is not necessary to own jailbreak and its download is free.

Wifi Pass Universal

It is a tool that we do not have to pay anything for it, it allows us to decipher a WPS password thanks to the number of records it has of PINES.

With simple steps we can know very easily what is the password we want. It also works with WPA and WPA2.


It is an application that allows us to hack the WiFi password, It is not necessary to have your Android root.

Among its advantages we can mention that it not only deals with deciphering access to a router, but has other tools such as providing a GPS tracker, call and message control, you can control Internet access

With this app we can also hack social media passwords.

Download FoneTracker APK

What are the risks of using these applications to hack WiFi signal passwords?

What are the risks of using these applications to hack WiFi signal passwords

As usually happens when there are many searches to locate a particular app, programmers abuse this situation and start creating applications that promise wonders, but in reality they are something else.

When we installed these apps, which were designed according to popular algorithms that were based on the massive search of this kind of applications, We are running different kinds of risks.

Then we will detail the most frequent ones:


With the installation of these systems we are installing cookies, with which they spy on us to be able to direct invasive advertising directly to us.

This causes some discomfort in the future, because when we browse any page banners or pictures will appear showing us products permanently.

Malicious software

Without us noticing we trust in the good intention of these appsbut many times what we are installing are malware that can destroy our devices and put our privacy in check.

Deleting this kind of files often turns into real headaches.

Permissions granted

It is very common in these applications that request a wide range of permits so they can access our contacts, emails, images, etc. Unconsciously we are opening the doors to all our privacy.

These data are used to send them to our contacts or to know what our preferences and tastes are.

Access to our location

By requiring us to activate our GPS, We are providing access to each of our movements. This data will subsequently be sold to companies that can advertise for places where we and many people regularly move.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! ????

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