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Nowadays the videos are part of our daily tasks, whether it's work, study or just fun. That is why choosing a good video player is an important decision as it will be our daily tool with which we can obtain better results.

A good video player is not only the one with the most downloads from an application store, but the one that best suits our needs and also presents characteristics that can accommodate the demands of the different audiovisual content with which we interact.

If you want to know which are the best video players that we have selected, according to our analysis for both computers and mobile devices, do not miss this article. In addition, we will show you what features a good player has to have.

What features should the ideal HD video player have?

As we told you before, a good video player is not only the one that you download the most, but the one that best suits our needs.


That is why we have to know what are the most outstanding features that a tool of these has to have in order for us to consider it an ideal HD player.

Next we detail each one of them:

Multiple formats

When we refer to format, we are talking about the technical characteristics that a content has to have so that it can, according to the codes with which it is developed, influence the quality that the image has to have.

There are different formats for digital videos, the most popular is the set "MPEG" which includes the famous MP4. This type of format emerged, through the International Telecommunications Union, which set the standards for compression and coding of images.

There are also MOV and AVI formats, which are not as popular as the first but we can also find content of this type, it will depend on where we get the content we need to see.

That is why, since there is a range of formats, A good video player is one that supports or can read the codes of the different formats avoiding wasting time. In this way it also gives us the possibility to access all the contents that exist regardless of their development code.

Audio and video codecs

Audio and video codecs

Another very necessary feature to consider an ideal HD video player is that it has a good codec. This tool is a hardware that through a software is dedicated to the encoding and subsequent decoding of the transmission of data packets through stream.

It is necessary to have a good codec, since it loses information when you have to send a file as small as possible to your receiver.

While it is true that there are type codecs «Lossless» that do not lose signal, these are more used for professional topics where you need to transmit the audiovisual content many times, so if you use a standard codec you could lose a lot of quality in the image when the transmission process is performed.

Content Organization

This feature refers to the way in which the video player organizes and disposes of the transmission of data or stream packets, having a positive influence on the reception of that data.

That is in addition to the codec which encodes and decodes the content, according to its format, it is also necessary to send it in an orderly manner so we can improve the image quality we want to see.


The resolution is measured again from the pixel multiplication factor which is its horizontal width by its vertical length. There are different standard resolutions for videos that can be 720p, 1080p or 4k.

In this way it is important when choosing a high quality player that can support this type of image resolutions since we would avoid losing quality in our experience if it could not reproduce in a high resolution.


Another point to keep in mind is how constant is the update of our video player software. This is important because thanks to this we can obtain greater benefits through new functions, filtering or any other kind of tool.

Function Settings

It's no use having a glass player that can code well, have a good resolution, Accept an important variety of formats and we cannot use it well since the degree of customization is low.

It is for all this that the technical characteristics are as important as the operational management issues thereof.


A key factor to consider for choosing A good player is that it occupies the least amount of RAM through the buffer, since it is necessary that the latter be loaded as quickly as possible so that our user experience is really good.

Bit stream

This is a point related to the previous one, since this flow is the amount of information that is transmitted to the videoIt is therefore necessary that there is a good flow to have a good quality. Therefore, a good video player will be the one that can send and decode a good bit stream to store as quickly as possible in the buffer.

List of the 10 best HD video players for your computer Windows and Mac

Next, we detail the list of the best players for a computer with operating system Windows o MacOS:

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

One of the best players currently in Windows It is free and can play all kinds of formats. It is definitely an all-in-one player. Among its functions we can play video in 360 degrees and 8 k, online content and have multiple extensions to improve its operation.

Download VLC Media Player Windows

Download VLC Media Player macOS


It is a multiplatform player, we can use it in MacOS and in Windows, is also available on Android. It stands out mainly because it has a 32-bit and 64-bit version for Windows Can play 8k, 4k video and 3D videos. Recognize multiple current video formats.

We can also download it for our Android mobile.

GOM Media Player

This is one of the best free video players for Windows. It is compatible with any type of audio and video format. In case we have a file that do not recognize we will be able to use the codec search engine that is integrated to get out of the problem.

The functions allow us, among other things, speed control, screenshot, it is customizable compatible with some computers that have Windows XP

Download GOM Media Player Windows


It is one of the players that can still stand Windows XP, but this does not mean that it cannot in Windows 7, 8 or 10. It is ideal for people who do not want to consume many resources.

It has a hardware acceleration, which improves the experience with multiple 3D options. It is customizable and has a minimalist design.

Download PotPlayer Windows

ACG Player

This video player is available in the store of WindowsAlthough it has a bit of ads, the main features it offers is that it can support a large number of formats.

It allows us to play videos in 360 degrees, streaming online with video effects and multimedia sound.

Download ACG Player Windows

Media Player Classic

It is a very prominent player in terms of audio, it is available for Windows. It has an interface that very simple, in addition to offering us an extremely acceptable experience, is one of the best kitty players that we can find in Windows.

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It is 100% free and free of ads, it has a toolbar with which we can configure as we need.

Download Media Player Classic Windows

5K Player

It is a very simple player that allows you to see different files, such as streaming video and also offers us a tool to listen to the radio.

It's completely free, but you have a few commercials. With this app we will be able to download videos from YouTube and also play videos in 4k. Available for Windows and MacOS.

Download 5K Player Windows

Download 5K Player macOS

UM Player

It is a very simple player, which is perfect for old equipment that does not have many resources. It is mainly based on the fact that it supports a large number of formats and codecs, also allows you to play videos of YouTube among other platforms.

We can download this application for our computers Windows.

Download UM Player Windows

Elmedia Player

We can find this player in the App Store, in addition to being totally free you can play any type of video format. It allows us to create different playlists, put subtitles on videos, broadcast the content of other products of Apple. All in a very easy and intuitive way.


This player may be little known because its previous name was “XBMC”, which was famous for its efficiency thanks to a multimedia center.

Mainly it stands out for having a very intuitive interface, in addition to organizing the files, it allows us to fix extensions which do not make our task more efficient. Available in Windows and MacOS.

Download Kodi Windows

Download Kodi macOS

List of the 10 best HD video players for Android and iOS mobile

List of the 10 best HD video players for Android and iOS mobile

Below we list the best players for mobile devices:


The free version has advertising, while the paid version is completely ad free.

It can support any type of format and play videos through hardware acceleration. A disadvantage of this tool is that it is not very good for low-end mobiles. Available for Android.

MX player

It has a very good performance, because it offers us a quality reproduction and at the same time a very intuitive interface. It allows us to have a hardware acceleration, so we can add subtitles.

It presents a function “Kids mode” which allows to save different contents and then give them in our house. We can download it from our Android device.

mVideo Player

It is a fairly simple, but very attractive Android player. It is primarily designed for users who want to play a video without having problems.

We can add subtitles and allow us to create a production list whenever we want. We can mark the videos in favorites or in any other way, which is extremely useful.

Mobo Player

The video interface that it has is large and very easy to use, we can set the playback format to our liking. It has functions like that of "Library Administration" or “Floating multitasking”, which are very efficient and allows us to enjoy the video. Available for Android phones.

Video player all formats

It is a very efficient video player since it has found a place among the Android community, it is compatible with any type of video format, including 4k and ultra HD.

Among its most prominent functions is to protect a video folder, hardware acceleration thus improving performance on Android.

Video Player

It is a tool that can Play multiple types of video format, it also has a 3D effect when videos They are horizontal. We can mark files, change brightness levels, support hardware acceleration and allow us to block screen rotation among other benefits. We can download it for Android.


A video player that is not well known, but all the people who tried it say it is very efficient. This does not have much publicity so it does not affect the User experience, can support different types of formats and has a parental control mode.

The most interesting function of all is that we can play the videos through links. Available only for Android operating system.

Not going

This stands out for its simplicity and simplicity when using it, among its most outstanding functions is the external storage medium as SD memory. An intelligent organization system, which will allow us to see all those series and movies that we will watch at any time.

This is some of the most famous players on Android.

Infuse 5

It presents a very intuitive interface and is considered as one of the best video players on iOS, has a support “Carplay” so it is compatible with any type of devices like Apple TV. It has a paid and free version.


It can support any kind of video format, It has a very striking and easy to use interface, in addition to being ideal for iPad.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! ????

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