What are the fastest brands to upgrade smartphones for Android? Come find out

by Kelvin
Android atualizar smartphones marcas Nokia

One of the big shortcomings of Android and the brands that use it is updating their smartphones. These exist and are released by Google, but it is the manufacturers who delay this process by having to adjust Android to their devices.

If some brands try to rush this process, others end up taking too long. A new study has now revealed which brands are faster to update their smartphones for the latest versions of Android. Come find out if your brand of choice is present.


Android update smartphones Nokia brands

What are the fastest brands to upgrade smartphones

Counterpoint Research data is clear and reveal a reality that most already know. Updates to the latest versions of Android are slow to deliver and often not even released. Who suffers most from this problem is certainly the cheapest equipment.

The big winner of this new ranking is HMD Global, with its Nokia. This brand, still with little tradition on Android, has been mostly unique when it comes to updates. With a 96% refresh rate, it leaves out direct competition. This focused on Android Pie between the third quarter of 2018 and the second of 2019.

Android update smartphones Nokia brands

After Nokia the other brands are far away

Second on this list is Samsung. The South Korean brand achieves an 89% refresh rate for Android Pie. The list continues with the presence of Xiaomi and Huawei, each having 84% and 82% respectively.

Regarding the speed with which these updates are released and applied, the reality is similar. We also have Nokia ahead of the direct competition. The brand managed to reach the 50% goal in just 6 months.

Android update smartphones Nokia brands

There is a long way to go for Google and the brands

The list goes on with the same brands as before, and Xiaomi and Lenovo also managed to reach, and pass, the 50% barrier. Brands such as Samsung and Huawei are down, but the reason may lie in the focus of the upgrades only on the more expensive models.

It should be noted that this analysis has left out some marks known to be on the front lines. By focusing only on the top 10 manufacturers, it moved off the list as OnePlus or Essential. Still, it is a surprising result and confirms Nokia's commitment to update its smartphones.

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