What are the new lists in Loop and Again and again from Spotify 2If you are a regular at Spotify, you may have found yourself in the last hours with two new playlists that are very different from the usual ones. It is not a vision, the company has included the options "Looped" and "Again and again" so that you get tired of listening to those topics that you like. These two playlists are based on the music you have heard in the app and are generated automatically. While Loop focuses on the music you've heard recently, Time and again encompasses songs that you liked a long time ago.

The two playlists are already accessible to both Premium users and those who use the free version. They are updated every five days approximately and are available from the 100% personal section, located on the Home tab. Let's see how each of these lists work and what they consist of.


In loop

If you have not stopped listening to the same songs without stopping for a month, or even of a specific genre, such as rock, En blucle will allow you to find all of them from a single automatic playlist. To appear here you have had to listen to these songs on more than one occasion. The list is updated, as we say, after five days or so that you do not forget those songs that you like the most.

And again

Although it looks a lot like Looped, Again and again it presents other types of features. It also brings together in a single playlist those songs that you have been listening without stopping, although in this case it is not about recent songs, but those that you became obsessed with for more than a month. The objective of this is that you meet those melodies that you never tired of putting long time ago, but that later you replaced with others, and perhaps they have already been forgotten. It is a way to recover again and find yourself with themes that you thought you forgot.

Both Loop and Again and again does not discriminate genres or artists, so that you will find a bit of everything in them. That is, you could first listen to a song by Albert Collins and then enjoy a bolero by Pancho Céspedes or a song by Loreena McKennitt. As we say, both playlists are available in the 100% personal section, Whether you have a Premium account or not.

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