What counts with Bluetooth headphones

by Kelvin
What counts with Bluetooth headphones

The future is here: Bluetooth headphones promise sound on the go with no cable clutter. But the selection is great. If you are looking for a suitable model, you should first understand what requirements you have and what you want to use them for.

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – In the ear or above, with active noise cancellation or without? With Bluetooth headphones, the choice is huge, if you rummage for example. To find the right model, you should know what is important to you.


The Stiftung Warentest gives indications:

Seat: If the fittings or pads do not properly close the ear canal, it will be at the expense of the sound. The bass pressure decreases, the music seems fader. Sitting in-ear headphones in the ear, not only provides better sound. It also reduces the risk that they fall out. Most of the pack are different fittings for different ear shapes. What matters: Extensive try, especially in motion. The pegs should not press in the ear.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds did well in the GIGA test, here's our hands-on video:

If you want to listen to music while playing sports, the experts recommend in-ear headphones. Ironing models slip faster, for example, when jogging and heat accumulates under their cushions, which can feel uncomfortable to the ears in the long run.

More about GIGA.DE:

Noise reduction: Especially those who listen to music on the go benefit from models with active noise cancellation. The noise of cars or conversations of others is thus largely hidden. Advantage: You can hear your songs or podcasts in normal volume, because you do not have to drown out any disturbing ambient noise, explain the experts in the magazine "test" (issue 09/19).

This sounds like active noise cancellation:

Battery pack: While the in-ear models score in sports, one of the strengths of underwired headphones is their battery life, which is often much longer. Sometimes they can withstand 30 hours and more without having to be recharged. If you do not just want to be dependent on the battery, you can use Bluetooth headphones with a jack socket – then you can connect them via cable to the smartphone when the battery fails. Provided, of course, the mobile device also has a jack – and that's getting less and less.

Stiftung Warentest: Bluetooth headphones in the test

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