What do apps offer to sign at work and why are they the best alternative?

by Kelvin
What do apps offer to sign at work and why are they the best alternative?

Since May 12, it is mandatory to register the hours of entry and exit of our job, a measure that some companies caught by surprise and did not know how to address. To forget about the paper and to install specific machines in offices that perform this function – the latter usually involve a high expense – perhaps one of the most practical solutions is to use the apps to sign at work They are specially designed for companies and employees.

These types of applications are installed on the smartphone or tablet, although can also be used from the computer, and in them the administrator can see the activity of the employees, just as they can sign their work routine when they arrive or finish their day.

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Apps to sign at work, the most practical and convenient solution to comply with the Law

What do apps offer to sign at work and why are they the best alternative? 3

Most of the apps for signing up at work are extremely simple to use (after all they are aimed at a very wide audience) and certainly similar to each other, or at least share some common bases. In this case, we will take Labor Clock As an example, it complies with current regulations according to Royal Decree-Law 8/2019 of March 8.

One of the first functions that we will play when starting the app will be create users; one of them (or more) will take the role of administrator, profile that is responsible for monitoring, recording, inviting and exercising control functions over employees, which will be the profiles of each worker of the workforce or team.

The administrator can set Different types of control: for example, not to define schedules so that the employees have freedom at the beginning and end of the day, or to establish them either flexible or strict, where the employees will have to sign inside them.

In addition to the administrator, we also find control figures such as deputy administrator and the group manager (which only has power over a certain group, this could be an area of ​​the company, for example).

Then, as we indicated before, each user can use this app from wherever they prefer: either on your phone, on your tablet or on your computer. In the case of the latter, the desktop app has amenities such as starting to register the day as soon as the program is opened and ending when the program closes.

Holidays, notifications and reports on work day records

What do apps offer to sign at work and why are they the best alternative? 4

Another detail to highlight is that the app sends a notification when the day is over, warning therefore that it is time to sign the exit. Similarly, it is capable of count hours worked and overtime always depending on the type of schedule or project that the administrator has indicated.

It is also possible check the historical everyday, check the holiday period and even export a record in Excel or PDF with the date and time of entry and exit, IP address, device and location of each signing.

Today, that any user has a smartphone – and in other cases, the company itself yields one – the apps to sign at work are one of the best systems to cover this situation that in some companies has not managed to adapt to the taste of the entire staff.

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