What do the numbers represent? Instagram?

by Kelvin

Surely you have wondered what those little circles are in the upper left of the screen of Instagram. If you didn't know those circles are the numbers Instagram. If they are not on your screen it is because your app has not been updated. But really, what do these numbers mean? Keep reading and you'll find out.

The numbers Instagram it has a meaning

instagram numbers go up the story pictures are commented


The numbers Instagram are the novelty of the app that appeared on par with the "stories of Instagram" If you have published stories you will better understand what they mean. These numbers grow every time someone comments on an image or video of the ones you've shared in your story. As your posts tell you, the circles are filled.

What are the stories of Instagram?

This function of Instagram It allows users to upload any number of photos and share them. You also have the possibility to edit and customize them with the help of texts, emojis or drawings. The more fun and interesting images you upload, the more chances you have that the numbers Instagram of your posts go up.

Each uploaded image lasts published 24 hours and whoever sees your story can enjoy it as a slide show. If someone wants to comment you should do so by a direct message. Under each image or video there is a box where you can write your comment.

How is this function used?

You can use it both to upload images to your stories and to see those of your contacts.

To upload content to your story you must touch the first hoop with your profile picture and the sign (+). You have several options such as taking a photo or filming a video and uploading it directly; If you wish, you can edit them first. You can also upload content that you have saved on your device.

To see the content of other users you just have to touch the circle you want. You can see all their posts one after another. If you want to comment something about a publication you can do it by writing under it. In this way you help raise the numbers Instagram of that user.

This function of Instagram It's very funny. Dare to use it!

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