What does the Calendar symbol mean on a Mac?

by Kelvin
What does the Calendar symbol mean on a Mac?

Symbols are characters used as representations or indicators to tell us the meaning visually. We see it everywhere, including the Calendar app on Mac. And while most of the symbols are clear in what they represent, there are other times when we scratch our heads.


For a clearer understanding of what all the Calendar symbols mean on Mac, we've compiled explanations and screenshots to help you describe what you see.

Symbol for calendar notifications

To invite events you receive or switch to an existing event, you can view notifications in two places. One of them is in your Dock, assuming you have the Calendar app there.

Mac Calendar notification schedule

What does the Calendar symbol mean on a Mac? 2

Calendar notifications in the Dock

And everything else is in the Calendar app itself.

Shared Mac notification calendar

Calendar notifications in the app

This gives you several different ways to find a series of events that you should pay attention to.

Symbol for the event

When you are the organizer of the event, you want to know if the person you invited accepts, rejects or responds "maybe".

We'll show you the symbol for each of your invitations later, but for your actual event, you can also view this status.

Mac calendar event responses

Response to the event

Answer symbol

If you invite other people to an event, there are some symbols that you can see next to the person's name.

At a glance, you can see if those who responded, accepted, rejected, or responded as possible.

Mac invitation response calendar

Invited reply

And there are a few more symbols for those whose availability you can access or if that person is not registered on the calendar server you chose.

Mac calendar responds More people invited

Additional invitation response symbols

Other symbols

You may see some additional indicators in the calendar app. For example, all-day events are highlighted in the same color as the calendar, so they are easily recognized in Month view. For day and week views, this will appear at the top of the day.

Mac calendar all day events

All day event

Also in Month view, events for a certain time will appear with a dot next to them that matches the color of the calendar.

Mac calendar event

Events with certain times

If you see event with the line that runs through it, has been canceled And if you see circle with a line through itThat means you reject the event.

Wrap it

Some Calendar symbols on Mac are easy to understand at first glance. But others, like different question marks, are not entirely clear. Hope the search for the symbol you see will help you!

Having a problem or question about the Calendar app on Mac? If so, you can comment below or press us in the Twitter!

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