What exactly does a dead pixel look like?

by Kelvin
Samsung Galaxy Note 10: ¿qué es exactamente lo que parece un pixel muerto?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was presented a few weeks ago as one of the smartphones most anticipated today. The South Korean giant has completely renewed the design of a terminal that is shown to the world with the hole in the screen centered as one of its most characteristic features. We have already told you about Note 10 Plus to tell you everything related to its benefits, we have even recommended some stores where you can buy it, now it's time to talk about its peculiarities.

Many have been users who have wondered why a mobile like Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may have a dead pixel. The forums have burned with numerous complaints that the company has not responded to. However, the small dot that appears next to the hole in the terminal screen it's not a dead pixel, but the proximity sensor. In addition, these types of problems usually appear in black, not in light tones. We tell you all the details of this curious discovery.


Tranquility. It is not a dead pixel, it is the proximity sensor

Everyone knows that brands are increasingly thorough when looking for designs in which margins are non-existent. The clear example of this can be seen in a Galaxy Note 10 what take advantage of the maximum possible percentage of a screen which is only interrupted with the incision for the front camera. This is precisely why the company has been forced to include the proximity sensor under the screen. Yes, the point that can be seen from time to time at the top of the panel It is not a dead pixel, but one of the fundamental sensors of the smartphone.

What exactly does a dead pixel look like? 2

In the images we have marked the exact place where a blinking point appears that everyone had initially associated with a dead pixel. If you have a Galaxy Note 10 in your possession you will be able to realize that it usually only appears when making a call or listening to a voice note from any messaging app. Although, as we can see in the photographs, it is usually better appreciated with calls as a white dot that blinks excessively. In this way, the terminal knows when it has to activate one speaker or another to reproduce the sound. Undoubtedly, a mandatory position to introduce this functionality that we have already seen in other terminals such as Galaxy S10 or OnePlus 7 Pro.

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