What if next Galaxy It is a mixture of Galaxy Note Y Galaxy Yes?

by Kelvin
What if next Galaxy It is a mixture of Galaxy Note  Y Galaxy Yes?

He Galaxy definitive

The idea makes sense, and it seems that in the offices of Samsung They have been thinking about the subject for quite some time. With an unique Galaxy high-end, the brand would save on production and development costs by focusing on a single terminal, and possibly unify the best of both worlds, offering a Galaxy S with S Pen for all those who wish so.


The rumor comes through the infallible Evan Blass, who says reliable sources have confirmed that Samsung is seriously debating making this move. Actually, more than a merger between the two families, what they would actually do is replace the Note, since in case of reaching expectations with the Galaxy Fold, this would take the position that always had the Note, as a different and productivity-oriented device.

GAlaxy Note GAlaxy S

Given that the Galaxy Note It has a smaller version, it is easy to think that sales are heading towards a terminal of restrained dimensions that does not dispense with the S Pen, so a Galaxy S with S Pen would make a lot of sense in the market. It is said that this new strategy would also serve to channel a new commercial vision. After reaching number 10 in both families, the manufacturer could take the opportunity to start a new nomenclature, or at least to launch a terminal completely out of any stipulated order, such as the Galaxy One.

It all depends on the Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold  first impressions

In this way, the Galaxy Fold it would be the model that proposes the new format, while the new Galaxy resulting from mixing the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note, would maintain the style with a design similar to the current ones and the presence of an S Pen in one of the versions.

The annual launches would remain two, since the new device could be presented in the framework of the MWC as done so far, while for the other half of the year they would leave the Fold and all kinds of flexible variants. Of course, this whole plan would make sense if the Galaxy Fold manages to gain a foothold in the market, although seen as seen, more than one may continue to think what to do between trusting or not before such a delicate screen.

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