It is very likely that, if you like the world of audio and video, you have heard about Dolby Atmos technology. Lately we have seen both in the descriptions of equipment and when talking about services such as Netflix or Apple TV. But do you know exactly what the Dolby Atmos sound is? Many times we see the logo or advertising posters, but we don't really know how it affects what we are seeing. So let's explain what exactly Dolby Atmos sound is and how we can have it on our TV.


What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is a sound technology that stands out for being the first hybrid surround sound system. Mix the classic sound channels (5.1, 7.1 or 9.1), called ‘Beds’, along with dynamic sound objects known as ‘Objects’.

The technology Dolby Atmos allows you to place up to 128 of these objects anywhere in the room, with total versatility of movements and intensity. For this, metadata is used, which compatible audio equipment will know how to place on the different speakers in the room. So, the more speakers we have, the better result we will get.

what is Dolby Atmos and how can I have it on my TV speakers

The result is a 360 degree sound experience, since the sounds, instead of being located on a specific speaker, move around the viewer.

That is, Dolby Atmos is not sound, it is information about sound. That information overlaps existing surround sound signals. Hence the Atmos tracks are actually Dolby True HD or Dolby Digital Plus. These tracks can only be transmitted via an HDMI cable and, generally, by connecting the player device directly to the AV receiver. At least so far it was, since with the arrival of the eARC connection it is already possible to transmit it directly from the TV.

How can I have Dolby Atmos on my TV?

To have Dolby Atmos at home we need compatible equipment and content recorded in this format. Y One of the manufacturers that has been betting on the Atmos system for more time is LG. The Korean manufacturer has included it in all its OLED TVs and in some NanoCell models. In addition, it has several sound bars compatible with this system.

The high-end sound bars use a small "trick" to replace the ceiling speakers. This consists of placing speakers at the top of the sound bar. These speakers emit the sound upwards to make it bounce on the ceiling. It is achieved that the sound seems to come from the ceiling.

what is Dolby Atmos and how can I have it on my TV soundbar

As for televisions, of course, if they do not have a built-in sound bar (like the LG W9), the most they can offer us is a simulation of spatial sound. Also the possibility of Stream Dolby Atmos sound from the TV to the stereo through the HDMI ARC connection.

As we said, content is the other necessary component to enjoy the Dolby Atmos format at home. If we speak English we will have it much easier, since almost all movies have the original track in this format. But if we are not buying or renting movies, We can always use services like Netflix or Amazon Video.

Netflix was one of the first streaming services to bet on Dolby Atmos sound. However, as with Dolby Vision, not all televisions are compatible with the Atmos track of the well-known service. LG TVs are among the few compatible with Netflix Dolby Atmos tracks, so they are a great choice if we use this service a lot.

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