What is the best hidden Google game to play online for free? List 2020

by Kelvin
What is the best hidden Google game to play online for free? List 2020 1

A Easter eggs, or "easter egg," as it translates into Spanish, is data or activity hidden in the history of some audiovisual or literary media. They can be references, secret messages, or mini-games. They are usually hard to find, but are often found with the naked eye.

The Google creative team is good at letting go a few surprises spread on the biggest and most popular search engines that exists on the Internet. Easter eggs that add an unexpected and interesting touch to the search engine results.


From simple instructions that clutter your screen, to interactive videos that function like video games. To capture the curiosity of users, Google leverages the popular Doodle.

What is a Google Doodle and for what?

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The google snippet They are a special design that commemorates or celebrates a particular event, and instantly changes the familiar Google logo on the homepage.

Each doodle is made for a special reason. When you click on the design, you will automatically be redirected to search results that match today's story. Originally, the doodles were limited to the dates of global importance, however, today they have greater cultural significance.

At first, the doodle was just an alternative design of the Google logo. Now, is part of a complex and informative experience. They can be animated videos, audio, and even games. The latter are the most prominent, as they highlight their simplicity and comfort.

List 30 Doodles or the best hidden Google games you can play without downloading anything

Google is a mysterious and curious data factory. It's not just their doodles that feature interactive games or animations. You can also find hidden mini-games on the platform after a simple search with the right words, without the need to download boring software.

Then, We provide a list of the best hidden Google games:

  • T-Rex Run: Do it one of the most popular games the new digital age. They can only be played on a computer or mobile device without an Internet connection. When a message appears on the screen with a dinosaur, you can press any key, or click, to start the game.
  • Pac-Man: It appeared on the web for the first time in 2010. It is a classic game developed by Bandai, but adapted to the search engine's digital platform. All you have to do is enter the term "Pac-Man" in the box, and with the directional keys you can move the cute character.
  • Tic tac toe: It is known worldwide as Tic-Tac-Toe. The downside is that you're not playing with other players, but against Google's artificial intelligence. To play, you must enter the term "tic tac toe" in the search engine; You'll see a small board appear.
  • Loneliness: The classic card game classic. While you can play it from your computer without further complications, Google also offers you the possibility of playing from its platform. Just enter the term "solitaire" in the search engine and that's it. You can choose the level of difficulty you like.
  • Mines: By entering a term "Mine broom" or "Minesweeper" on Google search engine, you'll get access to classic computer games. It consists of three levels, each representing a degree of difficulty, making the last one more complicated.
  • Snake: Many Nokia users will remember this classic game. This consists of pointing the snake towards a random snack. Reptiles will grow, and you must be careful not to collide with the tail. Please enter a term Snake in the search box to play.
  • Dice: Dice is popular in the game of chance. By entering the terms "Roll the dice" or "roll a die" on Google search engine, a cube will appear on the screen. At the bottom is a menu, where you can choose how many sides a die can have.
  • Refugees: There are many versions of this game, however; The original was developed by Atari in 1976. To play, you must find the term "Atari refugee" in the "pictures" tab. Soon, the picture will become a block that you must destroy.
  • Coin: This is a game that will be entertained briefly between friends while betting. You must enter a condition in the search engine "head or tail" or "flip the coin". The spinning coin will automatically appear. When you fall, you'll have the option to turn it back on.
  • Metronome: Metronome is a musical instrument that lets you know the pulse of music composition. When entering a term "Metronome" In the search engine, you can control around 218 beats per minute of rhythm.
  • Earth Quiz Day: Enter the terms in Google search engine Earth Day Quiz and a mini-game will appear on the screen where you must answer the questions of your choice to determine your animal type.
  • Animal Sounds: This is an educational game for young children at home. By entering a word Animal Sounds In the search box, more than 50 colorful animal species will appear, along with their respective sounds.
  • Spinner: Translated as "roulette", this is a game of chance where you must pick a number and make a bet where you win or lose everything. Enter "10 spinners of value" in the search engine and the roulette will appear. You can change the number, and even turn it into a fidget spinner.
  • Breathing exercises: More than just a game, it's an interactive video with the objective of breathing exercises. It consists of a circle that expands and narrows for a minute to the rhythm of breath. Enter the word in the search engine Breathing exercises.
  • Zerg hurriedly: Enter a term in the search box [Zerg is in a hurry.] to be able to play. Many letters O, from Google, appear on the screen, trying to get to the bottom. You must avoid this by clicking on each one until the level is over.
  • Google Cloud: No need to search for specific terms to play. Single works through the Google App on a mobile device. Enter Applications, activate airplane mode, and then search for anything. The balloon will load immediately as the game character appears to greet you. The game is similar to the Flappy Bird game.
  • Bubbles even: This tool is used to determine whether the object's surface is completely horizontal or vertical. While logged in Bubble level In the search engine, you will be redirected to the online tool.
  • Rotating top: Google also has a digital version of the game. In the search box, enter a term "Turn the dreidel" and will appear on the screen. If you know the Jewish tradition, you can have some fun.
  • Color picker: Other Google tools that show you names or color palette codes, according to RGB, CMYK, HSV and HSL. Enter "Color picker" in search engines and voila. In addition, you can also share the shadows you choose with other users.
  • Sonic: The iconic SEGA character also has a place on the list. This is curiosity, more than just a game. While logged in "Sonic the Hedgehog" on the search engine, the animated version will appear 8-bits. You can't interact with her, but she's a companion.
  • Magical Cat Academy: It's in Google Doodles repository. The game is to get rid of ghosts before they harm you. To defeat them, you must draw a symbol on the screen. Each ghost has a symbol, and some are more complex than others.
  • Basketball: Mini games were available in 2012, however; It's still in the Doodles repository. Simply put, you must hit the basket as much as possible. With the space bar, you can load the launch force.
  • Fruit Games: A series of fruit-themed games for the Rio 2016 Olympics vary: obstacle course, swimming, jumping, among others. The game is in the doodle repository.
  • Express Pony: The doodle is designed to commemorate the 155th anniversary of the email service of the same name in 2015. In the game, characters must collect randomly appearing cards on a pony's map.
  • Valentine's Day 2017: A romantic game in which you control a pangolin, where you must overcome a set of obstacles to be able to cook a cake for Valentine's Day. It is located in the Doodles repository.
  • Rubik Cube: Rubik cube is located in the Doodles repository. It first appeared in 2014. Changes were made using the keyboard, and this is as complicated as the actual game.
  • Doctor Who's 50th Birthday: The main objective of the mini-game is to prevent the robot from defeating you. You need to solve a series of puzzles and other small challenges to solve them.
  • Great Ghoul Duel: Team play where each player must collect some fire from their base. It's also possible to steal them from the enemy.
  • Gnomes Park: The game mode is simple. You must dispose of the gnom in the garden as far as possible. With the space bar, you activate the slingshot. Press the key again, or click, to launch.
  • Slalom 2012: Barriers in the snow. With a directional arrow, move the character to both sides to avoid setbacks and reach the goal.

* Note: To enter and play all of these games, you must enter the following website: elgoog.im Have a nice try!

If you have any questions, leave us a comment, we'll answer you as soon as possible, and I'm sure it will help more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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