What is the difference Samsung S20 / 20 + / S20 ultra?


According to YouTuber unboxing, we discovered that people are looking forward to Samsung Galaxy S20 series. Before buying one, we must know the difference. We need to know the details if we are sorry.

One of the most concerned is the price. Based on the leak, Galaxy S20 costs $ 999, S20 + midsize is expected to sell for $ 1.99, $ 1,399 for the S20 Ultra. I would choose the most expensive, due to better configuration. The following is the difference in the specifications. Samsung Galaxy S20-6.2 inches smaller than the S20 ultra. S20 ultra is 6.9 inches – truly one of the largest on a smartphone. If you like a bigger screen, choosing the S20 ultra is your choice. From behind, the Ultra and Plus devices will look a bit different, due to the manufacturer's supercharged camera. 20 ultra out of standard 16 GB RAM This distinguishes most batteries from 4000 mAh batteries Galaxy S20, S20 + 4500mAh, S20 + and 5000mAh batteries.


While the big differences in these devices tend to pass through the camera.Galaxy S20 Ultra is completely different from other models. It supports a 108 megapixel sensor for the main camera. This will be paired with a 48 megapixel telephoto lens, which is considered a 10x optical periscope lens. But S20 and S20 + pursue quality with larger pixels. You should not be penalized for choosing the cheapest S20 Plus as a replacement for the more expensive S20 Ultra. Here are other factors to consider. S20 Plus can reach 128GB, leaked specs indicate there will be a 256GB and 512GB option for the S20 Ultra. If you don't want to pay for all storage after purchasing GalaxyThey all have a microSD card slot for development.

What is the difference Samsung S20 / 20 + / S20 ultra? two

As mentioned above, Samsung Galaxy The S20 series is different in several different ways. In the long run, the S20 ultra is the best model. Why not choose the strongest? Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra has 100X Space Zoom. There is more to report Galaxy The S20 includes a new “Smart selfie” and “Single take photo” mode, which will automatically capture several different photo angles in sequence. Really true. S20 Ultra will be Samsung's tour de force for camera technology. Let's wait for the disclosure.

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