What is the Google Gallery Go app?

by Kelvin
What is the Google Gallery Go app?

A quick and useful way to organize your photos offline. This is how you receive your article Go to gallery Ben Greenwood, Product Manager, Google Photos.

Google Photos is one of the latest similar Google services. spin-off Google Drive is focused on photography and whose purpose is to offer unlimited space to your photos, but also automatically set through algorithms and image recognition. For this we must add an editing function, the list of which increases from time to time.


Then why Go to gallery? Will it be an enemy of Google Photos? Your complement when we do not have an internet connection? Going back to the introductory article from Ir Gallery, Ir Gallery is said to be a photo gallery designed to work offline and employing machine learning, like Google Photos, to automatically organize our photos.

At this time, Ir Gallery is only available on Google Play devices for Android 8.1 or higher and the reason for its existence has an explanation in its own release. It was created in Google for Nigeria, an event that aims to publish the giant Google in the market with great potential but whose needs and characteristics are different from others such as the United States, Spain or Mexico.

What is the Google Gallery Go app? 2

As they show in the article dedicated to Google for Nigeria"More and more Nigerians have phones and take photos. But not everyone has high-speed Internet access or cloud backup to find images quickly."

Solve the puzzle Go Gallery is Google Photos For those who have a poor or no Internet connection, let's see its most extraordinary functions and that clearly remind us of what Google Photos brings.

See the gallery Go

Eliminating, of course, the ability to sync our photos to the cloud, Gallery Ir has a lot in common with its brother. For starters, this is primarily indicated for photos but also for videos.

Its main utility is to organize our photos automatically, just like Google Photos in the cloud. On this occasion, Gallery Go classify and mark our image and group them into months, the people that appear, the place where they are taken, the most outstanding aspects that appear …

The second pillar of Ir Gallery is its image editor, which also looks like Google photos. Basically this allows you to apply type filters Instagram, rotate image or erase edges to keep the most prominent part of the image.

What is the Google Gallery Go app? 3

Google Photos or Gallery Go? Should we choose? In principle, the two applications work separately and there seems to be no intention to interact. They are designed for the same but from two different aspects, with the internet and without the internet, so there is no point in combining them.

Go to gallery This is designed for situations where our connection is bad, our data plan doesn't allow uploading too much content to the cloud, and we have to save data for other things, like call or message. Ideal for trips to places where we cannot connect to the Internet.

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