What to do if my mobile stays in the logo?

by Kelvin

Something very annoying that can arise in a wide variety of mobile devices is that the error that my mobile stays in the logo is presented. Here we will present the data that may be of most benefit to users, such as the reasons why it arises and the way in which it can be resolved.

Most of the occasions in which this problem occurs in which my cell phone stays in the logo is due to an error when performing a Hard Reset or, as some people know about this process, a reset to the factory features on the device. LThe most common interruption of this process is that it was started at a time when the device had very little battery.


The error in which my mobile stays in the logo It can occur on almost any device that has gone through the process mentioned aboveFor this reason, if you are going to return a device to its default features, you must be very careful when starting the process.My mobile stays in the logo

The main way in which the error that my cell phone stays in the logo is resolved is to perform a “Factory reset” taking into account that the battery of the device must be charged above half before starting the restart after that you must press on the option of Reboot System Now for the phone to work as it should.

These data that have been previously exposed can be of great help by having a smart device with this problem. That is why to prevent the person from having the possibility to present himself and be annoying to the person, it is better to be aware of this information to solve it even before it appears.

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