What to do if you want the Xiaomi Mi 9T battery to last much longer

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Of the Xiaomi Mi 9T It has proved a success for the brand, just like the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro aims to be the success of this Christmas, as long as the Redmi Note 8 did not reach our country in a few months. However, there is no perfect mobile and Xiaomi mid-range suffers some problems. The most repeated, that the Xiaomi Mi 9T battery It doesn't last what it should last.

The Xiaomi Mi 9T battery It has a capacity of 4,000 mAh and features Quick Charge 4.0 Quick Charge 4.0 technology from 18W. On paper is a battery more than enough to support a 6.39-inch panel that has a FullHD + resolution of 2340 x 1080 px. However, sometimes we find that the "life" of the battery barely holds a full day.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that these failures are not related to hardware. In fact, the vast majority of them arrive as a result of a bad software adjustment, either due to ignorance of the user or an incorrect configuration. Fortunately, almost all of them have a solution without a high knowledge of mobile technology, Android or MIUI.

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Xiaomi Mi 9T battery problems

This problem could be due to having the maximum brightness constantly or the screen turned on for long periods of time. From the MIUI settings you can set the screen lock to activate in a few seconds and from the quick settings panel you can set the brightness at an intermediate level. In addition, it is worth checking that This problem is not caused due to the installation of some applications that consume a lot of energy in the device. To do this, access the battery configuration and, in the usage information, check if there is an abnormal behavior of any particular app.

Sometimes, users have to deal with this problem only because of the characteristics of a particular app, which can keep GPS active in the background without them knowing it. Examples of these are apps for radar, navigation or games that require access to the location.

Front and rear of the Xiaomi Mi 9T in blue or red

Diving through the center and support of Xiaomi we have found a trick to save battery in the Xiaomi Mi 9T that can solve the problem of short duration of it. In some cases the fault lies in an app that does not work properly and is consuming battery in the background. Activate the developer options by pressing several times on the system information in the menu About of the phone that we found in the mobile settings could fix the problem.

xiaomi mi 9t

Once enabled, within these settings we have to deactivate the options MIUI optimization Y Notify about high risk functions.

This should end your Xiaomi Mi 9T battery problems and allow you to scratch the device for a few hours.

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