what to expect from the biggest game fair in Brazil

by Kelvin

Less than 60 days to the biggest gaming event in Brazil, BGS, and several industry stars have already confirmed their presence; know what to expect from the fair

THE Brazil Game Show – or BGS, as it is affectionately known – it already has a place reserved in the calendar of the Brazilian gamer. Every year, personalities from the world of electronic entertainment come to talk to fans and present some of their plans for the industry and, of course, the Tupiniquim territory. People dressed in their favorite characters (cosplayers) and companies eyeing product display are also present.


Thus, less than 60 days from the start of the event, which the five days of the 2019 BGS do they reserve for the Brazilian public? This is what we will see in this text.

Weight Guests

Some of the biggest names in the video game industry were invited to attend the 2019 edition of BGS. Street fighter, Dark souls, Doom, Mario. If you are into the gaming world, you have certainly heard of these franchises, and they will be present at the event through their creators or who somehow contributes to the development.

This year the guests are Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of From Software and creator of the series Dark souls and games Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice; John Romerocreator of Doom and Quake; Al lowecreator of Leisure Suit Larry, a famous game of the late 1980s; Shota Nakama, famous music producer creator of Video Game Orchestra and that has in his resume jobs in Final fantasy and Kingdom Hearts; Yoshinori Onocreator of Street fighter; Charles Martinet, the eternal voice of Mario and several other characters from Nintendo; and Howard Warshaw, creator of some games for Atari.

BGS 2019 guests carry great experience and good stories to tell.BGS 2019 guests carry great experience and good stories to tell.

We highlight the participation of Yoshinori Ono, who was present at EVO 2019 (event dedicated to fighting games) and announced new content for Street Fighter V, and Charles Martinetwhich, besides being the voice of the iconic Mario, still dub Luigi, Wario, Waluigi and several other characters.

The organization of BGS It is important to point out that the public can get autographs and meet the personalities of the gaming world without having to pay any additional cost beyond the ticket price.

BGS e-Sports and Game Jam

World Championship stage of the electronic sport, the BGS will host competitions of CS: GO and Fortnite. For the realization of disputes between professional players, there will be narration and comments by renowned people of the segment.

The BGS is a full plate for those who like to follow the electronic sport.The BGS is a full plate for those who like to follow the electronic sport.

THE Game jam also shows up in the 2019 edition of BGS. Already common in video game events around the world, these are disputes in which people sign up to develop a “from scratch” game within 48 hours. The team with the best work wins.

Museum, consoles and cosplay

THE BGS It's a full plate for those who like to appreciate the history of the young video game industry. From the oldest to the youngest, everyone who attends will be able to learn about the evolution of electronic games through the display of over 100 devices, as well as games and accessories that marked the era.

For those who enjoy good gambling, arcade machines (or arcade if you prefer this term) will be available to the public at any time of the event at no additional cost.

Classic arcade games? At BGS there is.Classic arcade games? At BGS there is.

Another attraction of the fair that draws attention is the presence of cosplayers. People dress as their favorite characters and make a point of parading and competing to see who has the best artistic production.


Born in the city of Rio de Janeiro under the name of Rio Game Show – which later came to be called Brazil Game Show and moving to the city of São Paulo – in 2009, the BGS is an event aimed at the dissemination of attractions related to electronic games. The fair takes place in the second half of each year and drags hundreds of thousands of people between the days of the event.

BGS audiences don't play games when it comes to cosplay.BGS audiences don't play games when it comes to cosplay.

Among the guests who made history in BGS, are bosses of the brands Xbox and PlayStation, as well as exhibitions from several other companies, such as Epic Games, Logitech, and several others. To the Nintendo, who officially left Brazil in 2015, was shyly present at the 2018 BGS.

To mark on calendar

This whole celebration of the world of electronic games makes BGS A great place for the industry fan eager for news related to their favorite games, as well as a good choice to meet people with the same interests. In total, there will be five days of the fair, among which you can expect many news not yet announced.

In 2019, the BGS happens between the days October 9th and 13that the Expo Center Norte, in the city of São Paulo. The event is open to the public and tickets can now be purchased on the official website of the Brazil Game Show.