What you need to know before buying a PC online

by Kelvin
What you need to know before buying a PC online

With the rapid increase in technology on almost every weekend, buying a computer equipped with the latest features or choosing between the right machines that best suits your needs is a complicated task.


You must ensure that you do not spend more on unnecessary things or ignore the necessary aspects of the machine while focusing on things that are less important. Unless you have no experience in handling machinery, you can fall into the trap of the retailer. In this case, you can trust online computer store in Australia To get the best PC for your budget and requirements.

Not all computer users have the same demands. Everyone has preferences for certain components and priorities. Therefore, it is important to understand what should be prioritized according to your needs and operational areas.

This guide will help you develop a better understanding of the important components of a computer so you can decide what to include and what to do when using your budget efficiently.

Desktop or laptop

Most shoppers know if they are looking for a laptop or desktop. However, they find themselves caught in a decided dilemma between the two, especially when they explore the lucrative market of hundreds of attractive machines with certain PSUs.

In general, desktop computers are offered at lower prices compared to laptops. But it is not because desktop computers offer lower quality or obsolete technology. Instead, the difference in the budget is due to the additional effort made to make a laptop.

Users prefer laptops that are looking for convenience when using super portable devices from anywhere without having to constantly sit at a desk.

However, modern desks have also evolved, and they are no longer all large machines. Manufacturers now integrate monitors and CPUs into one device and also incorporate touch functions to increase portability.

Getting a desktop computer allows you to operate with high specifications on a limited budget. In addition, it can increase its components more easily, and a powerful fan increases the life of the machine, maintaining optimum performance. If you intend to obtain a computer for games or work that involves very high graphics and animations, then the desktop should be your first choice.

On the other hand, if you travel more frequently and want a lightweight machine that can accompany you anywhere at any time, then laptops should be your choice because they are specifically designed for this purpose.

If you plan to buy a laptop for long-term work, choose a matte screen because it protects your eyes and has less light. However, if you use one more laptop as a multimedia device, then choose one with a standard bright LCD screen.

Processor: your machine brain

Who doesn't want a computer that turns on in an instant and completes quick tasks? But, to increase the speed of your machine, you need a fast processor.

The latest processors come in the number of cores that are labeled in Gigahertz. The strength of your chip shows the amount of data that can be processed at a given time. Frankly, the higher the number, the better the performance. While the number of cores is a multiplier because the processor consists of a lot of cores, each one can register at a different speed, and its main task is to perform multiple tasks. Therefore, if you want to multitask, you must take a higher core machine.

However, you should always ask about the number of cores in a chip and the speed of the clock. Because two computers can come with the same chip, but they work at a great speed difference.

Random Access Memory – RAM

Like the processor, the description of the RAM job is also to facilitate multitasking and accelerate computer speed. Currently, RAM is measured in GB or Gigabytes – more and more GB, the faster you access the data on your computer and search for information quickly. For example, if you switch between several web pages at once or use several programs, then a strong RAM will make your task easier.

Similarly, DDR2-800 RAM is faster than DDR2-400 RAM, because the last number indicates the transfer rate per second of millions of data. RAM also has clock speeds and processors: the faster the clock speed, the better. However, RAM speed is related to computer motherboards. That's why make sure that your motherboard supports the type of RAM that you want to integrate if you buy it separately, since it will have no value to spend more if your motherboard does not match the RAM speed.


Lately, manufacturers boast of their machines with NVIDIA or AMD graphics card tags, although there are large differences in the function of this graphics accelerator.

To provide a basic understanding of graphics cards, they come in two types, integrated and dedicated. The integrated graphics initially were equipped with default machines and depended on the computer's processing memory, while the special cards were not integrated and had their own processors to support their operations. Special cards work high and are often much more significant in image depth.

But, many graphics processors rely on processor capacity and RAM. So, if you think that just inserting a higher graphics card will do the trick for you, then you are wrong, because you will need the same compatible RAM and processor to complete the card.


Measured in gigabytes or terabytes, the hard drive provides storage space for all your applications and files. If you tend to store large amounts of data on your PC, you will need a larger hard drive and vice versa.


In conclusion, the speed of the hard disk is the most important. The faster you turn your hard drive, the faster you can recover the stored information.

That is why the speed of the hard disk is measured in RPM. For example, a 5400 rpm unit will be slower than a 7200 rpm unit.

However, if you can store data on a portable drive, you can opt for a smaller hard drive and instead use USB to manage your data. However, some applications that are stored separately in USB may not work properly on the computer. This is where the hard drive is useful.

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