What you should do if your iPhone is lost or stolen

by Kelvin

If you do not know where you have left the iPhone or a list has stolen it in an oversight you should know that Apple incorporates in its software a mode that allows you track at all times where the device is as well as the possibility of deleting all the data it incorporates. In this article we tell you all the steps you should follow after the theft of your device to prevent them from reselling it or using the information stored in it.

The easiest way to find your iPhone is to use the function Search my iPhone’ or Search’ which is what has been renamed in iOS 13. For this we can access the application from another iPhone or iPad or go to the icloud.com/find website from any computer regardless of brand or from a different mobile.


These are the tools it offers us Apple to find our stolen iPhone

Once we have accessed this website or the application we must enter our ID Apple with the corresponding password and we will see that we load all the devices that we have linked to our account. We simply have to select the equipment in question that we have lost or stolen and we will see that we have different actions at our disposal:

width=300Capture taken on iOS 13, in the new application Search’ the successor to Search my iPhone’.
  • Play sound: If we are convinced that it is close to us, we can reproduce a sound so that we can find it quickly. This is really useful if we have been strained between the sofa cushions.
  • Route (available from iOS 13 or macOS Catalina): This new function in Search’ will open the Maps application by tracing the route to the last position of the known team.
  • Mark as lost: When you put the device in lost mode, the device will be locked remotely by displaying a personalized message on the screen that could be, for example, If you find this iPhone, call the next phone number…’. In this mode nobody can access the equipment or use Apple Pay or other services.
  • If we see that we will not find it in the short term, the smartest thing is delete iPhone content With the last option available. This removes all our accounts, applications, photographs, Apple Pay… In short, it will be fully reset but a lock will also be applied that will require you to enter your ID Apple and your password. This makes the iPhone become a real paperweight for a thief.


How to know if an iPhone is locked by iCloud

You must keep in mind that if the thief has turned off the device or has no connection, you can also mark it as lost or deleting its content since at the time the iPhone connects these actions will be applied.

If unfortunately you do not have Search for my iPhone’, we recommend change the password of your ID Apple so that your personal data is not accessed in the cloud as well as the rest of the service passwords you have on the iPhone such as that of Google. The next thing you should do is go to the police to report the theft and of course disable your SIM card with your phone company.

As you can see, stealing an iPhone is not the smartest because thanks to the software Apple It becomes a real paperweight once we put it into Lost Mode’.

Leave us in the comment box if you have ever had such an experience.

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