What's new in Android 10, the new version of the popular operating system?

by Kelvin
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There was much that was speculated since the launch of the first Beta of Android Q, because the wait came to an end, from so many hypotheses, today the developments that since March had been known by Google regarding its latest version of the system Favorite operative in the world. Android 10 is the chosen name, and the differences it presents with respect to its predecessor will be revealed below.

What is special about Android 10?

In general, it can be said that the new version of the OS of the almighty Google, comes with a renewed control by gesture, differing from its predecessor – Android 9 Pie – but that is not all, although they left out the names of desserts, the icing on the Cake is in charge of the long-awaited dark theme for the entire system.


In the same way, it incorporates news regarding privacy and location permit management, a point in favor of those seeking security for their data. But all this is just open mouth, because if something knows how to make the most used operating system in the world is to surprise the millions of users that make up their comfort, so the main novelties deserve to be studied separately.

Does Android 10 meet the expectations generated by its Beta version?

The Beta versions allow you to get an idea in advance, of the innovations that an operating system promises with its future updates, always leaving room for surprises, so you could make sure that Android 10 not only meets expectations, but exceeds them with you grow up! Among the novelties enjoyed by the lucky users who have the version, the following stand out:

  • Smart answer: so that the user does not miss anything, Android 10 provides recommended actions beyond the answers suggested in his messages, so that he automatically sends, for example, restaurant addresses when he receives an invitation to lunch.
  • Gesture navigation improvements: the fluidity with which the gestures are handled in the new version of the OS, make it incomparable in intuitive terms, toggle between applications, move forward and backward, while the home screen is open will not be a problem
  • Dark mode unprecedented: devices that mount OLED screens will enjoy greater energy savings, since the black color is shown with the pixels disabled.
  • Hand in hand with 5G technology: connections that make many applications available for all kinds of purposes.
  • Optimization of privacy and security: within a single place in the system settings, the OS meets all the functions necessary to handle these parameters.

Points against Android 10:

Every coin has two sides, and the new version of the almighty is no exception, if it's weak points, the Android 10 certainly obeys the lack of too many functions differentially designed for tablets.

When will it be available?

Although the OS version is already official, the deployment of updates will be the same as with each new version of Android, progressive and variable to arrive depending on the brand and model of the device. Obviously, Pixel terminals are now available to all generations, including XL versions.