WhatsApp: 15 “hidden” functions in the messaging app

by Kelvin

Discover some features of WhatsApp that you might not know

Recently since Facebook, have announced that WhatsApp reached the figure of one billion active users of the application, an impressive amount, especially if we consider that the app Facebook Messenger has just over 800 million users. Although many users are experts, not everyone is up to date with some of the functions that are "hidden" in WhatsApp.

We already know that WhatsApp, probably, is one of the applications that are hardly missing in most of the smartphones. This is present on all platforms, whether mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) as a computer (through WhatsApp Web).


WhatsApp: 15 “hidden” functions in the messaging app 4

Over time, the WhatsApp application has had a lot of updates, thanks to these we have been able to see the evolution of the messaging app, which has been adding many features in order to improve the user experience. Some of these features have not been announced so far, with the consequence that many users are unaware of their existence.

15 WhatsApp features you might not know

The functions that we bring you today are present in the messaging app, they are things you can do directly from it.

  • Mute group chat.
  • Discover who has read your messages in group chat.
  • Disables automatic download of multimedia files.
  • Turn off the option to show online last time and read notification.
  • Send a broadcast message.
  • Backup and restore conversations.
  • Change the phone number to which the app is associated.
  • Change the chat background.
  • Types of files that can be sent to contacts.
  • Block contacts
  • View profile photos of contacts.
  • Add contacts with international phone numbers.
  • Discover points of interest near you.
  • Create shortcuts for contacts.
  • Send conversions via email.

In the image you will find below you can find an infographic that shows the steps to follow to access these functions, in the right column for Android devices and on the left for iOS devices.

WhatsApp: 15 “hidden” functions in the messaging app 5

Did you already know these WhatsApp secret functions for iPhone?

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