WhatsApp: a flaw can send messages for you for over a year

by Kelvin
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WhatsApp is the victim of a serious security breach. According to Checkpoint's computer security researchers, hackers are indeed able to use the email application to send messages instead of users. Alerted a year ago, WhatsApp has still not managed to correct the breach.

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WhatsApp: How hackers can send messages to you

During his investigation, Checkpoint discovered up to three methods allowing an attacker to deceive a WhatsApp user. First, the flaw helps to divert the "quote" feature to change the identity of the sender. With this tactic, an attacker can make anyone say anything in a newsgroup.

Secondly, an attacker is also able to intercept the encrypted messages transmitted on WhatsApp. In concrete terms, an attacker can falsify the message you posted on your own. If other participants in the newsgroup read a modified version of your message, you will continue to have access to the original message sent. In short, we will not realize anything.

Finally, a last tactic is to make a user believe that he responds to private conversation when it is not. The message is actually visible in a large group. Fortunately, this last method is no longer available. Facebook, parent company of WhatsApp, explains having solved the problem. On the other hand, the social network admits that it can do nothing to prevent the first two tactics from being exploited.

This is not the first time that security breaches have compromised the privacy of WhatsApp users. With a little patience, an attacker is for example able to determine with which contacts you discuss. Worse, a flaw in WhatsApp servers has left hackers spying on group conversations in 2018. According to Pavel Durov, co-founder of Telegram, WhatsApp is and will never be secure. He even estimates that there has "not been a single day in the ten years of WhatsApp's existence where this service has been safe".

Source: Checkpoint

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