WhatsApp allows you to remember your account's blocked contacts

by Kelvin
WhatsApp allows you to remember your account's blocked contacts

There are several methods to remember and reactivate WhatsApp contacts that you blocked long ago and forgot.

WhatsApp allows you to remember your account's blocked contactsWhatsApp allows you to remember your account's blocked contacts

It is good to be clear about which WhatsApp contacts are blocked and which of them are not.


If there are many registered people, including coworkers, friends, family, casual acquaintances, services and mixed companies, the problem is even greater.

How to remember WhatsApp blocked contacts

At some point a misunderstanding or a simple discussion ends with the contact blocked.

Some time later, when things cry out we realize that this person has not written to us in a long time nor has he called us.

Nor can we remember whether or not it is one of our blocked contacts. In that case you can check if the number is blocked.

To verify the list of blocked contacts you must go to the chat option and within the section, enter “Account” settings. There you must enter the settings of "Privacy".

Once in that privacy section of the device you can access the numbers that were blocked at some time. In the last option of that section, the "Blocked contacts" button. Before pressing the button you can see the total and numbers that are locked. Depending on the contact you can see the highlighted name, the bold letter and below the phone number to which it belongs.

To unlock WhatsApp contacts

If you accept it again, you must click on each of those numbers, click on the button "Unlock …"

All blocked contacts that we unlock can contact us again through WhatsApp. Through texts on the chats as through voice calls or video calls.

How to know if a contact has blocked them?

If it happens in reverse, you can find out by looking at some indicators.

  • We don't see your profile updates
  • We don't see the last time he logged in from the chat screen
  • All the messages we have sent you are left with just one tic
  • We cannot call the contact

If all of these are met, the contact may have blocked you. However WhatsApp does not specifically show if that person did it, nor can blocked contacts know.

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