WhatsApp Android Wear

by Kelvin

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WhatsApp is an application more than consolidated in regards to messaging of smartphones and tablets It has been in the market for years and its concept as its easy use has made this app always in the top of the applications.

Such success has diversified the number of platforms on which WhatsApp can be implemented. Android Wear is one of them. Wear OS, which is the not-so-known new name of Android Wear. It is basically an operating system used for wearables. The development of the application is not as advanced in the platform, but it is still possible to communicate through it.


Android Wear

It is an operating system designed for smart watches and bracelets presented in 2014 by Google as Android Wear. It is designed to communicate via Bluetooth the device with the smartphone.

The use of WhatsApp is limited in SmartWatches, because in smart wristbands the use is limited for sport by design. Smart watches have an advantage over wristbands because in addition to being able to be used for sports, they also share functions with smartphones. Some of them like receiving calls, sending text messages, e-mails, consulting social networks and using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Android Wear

The history of the WhatsApp Android Wear version is recent. Mainly because the history of wearables with that operating system is also. The version of WhatsApp Android Wear is not very advanced as it is in Smartphones, which is understandable because not even the smartwatches themselves are as perfectly developed as the phones.

In the recent update of all devices with Android Wear There are many improvements: gestures to navigate the clock, send voice messages, etc. In summary some optimizations to work better and easier with the operating system.

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How to send WhatsApp Android Wear messages?

Smartwatches are in full swing, they are becoming more common and more manufacturers are producing them. Therefore, if you want to acquire one it is a good idea to know how to do everything with it.

The main thing is to know that we cannot send messages, but respond to them. The user must receive a message and have the notification on their smartwatch to be able to communicate.

How to receive these notifications and answer them is the easiest part, because it is intuitive and its steps are very few. They are:

  • The first thing is to synchronize or connect the smartwatch via Bluetooth, in order to receive all notifications.
  • After connecting the two devices, the next step is to wait to receive a notification or a message. As mentioned, messages cannot be sent but answered.
  • Once the notification is open. What we must do is swipe left to display a menu. This menu will indicate if we want to respond to the user.
  • The last step is to reply the message itself. We can do it manually or with predetermined messages although we can also do it with emojis.

WhatsApp is the number 1 messaging service currently, and having it as a complement to Android Wear makes it still mucHo easier because of the intuitive and compact device.

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