WhatsApp block blocking comes to protect chats: how it works

by Kelvin
WhatsApp block blocking comes to protect chats: how it works

WhatsApp block blocking comes to protect chats: how it works 3

The Biometric Authentication or Computer Biometrics It is the application of mathematical and statistical techniques on the physical or behavioral traits of an individual for their identity verification. This is what lies behind the so-called biometric sensors that make up the current security systems in devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers. In the world of mobile telephony, since Apple He began to implement it on his iPhone, the fingerprint reader has become the most used biometric security system by all brands.

WhatsApp protected by fingerprint

In fact, technological evolution has allowed the creation of other systems such as facial scanning or iris reader, but the footprint remains one of the most used, especially now that they have discovered how to implement ultrasonic fingerprint readers under the screen like the one wearing the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Almost a year ago, Facebook decided to implement (at last) biometric protection on your WhatsApp, starting with the iOS version, which can use iPhone systems such as Touch ID and Face ID.


But what about the Android version? As it was seen in January of this year, I was also going to receive it. And in fact it is already available today to test under the name of Fingerprint Lock or Fingerprint Lock. Implemented in the WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.221, the function is activated in WhatsApp Settings> Account> Privacy, And with that, what you will do is protect WhatsApp with your fingerprint, so that to open the app your fingerprint will be needed.

WhatsApp block blocking comes to protect chats: how it works 4

Join WhatsApp Beta

With this everyone your chats will be under biometric security,although you can continue replying messages from notifications and also WhatsApp calls, since the fingerprint will only be required when the app is opened. At the moment it is available only for WhatsApp Beta, although it is expected that it will not take too long to appear in the final version of the application.

If you want to become a beta tester or WhatsApp tester, it's something simple: you just have to Enter the Google Play store to find this trial version (or directly on this link). WhatsApp Beta is the test field of the appin which all the functions and novelties that are about to arrive are tested, and therefore we must be careful because since they are Beta versions, they contain errors, bugs and failures that must be outlined before they are officially available for the standard version of the app.

Therefore there are some risks in terms of bugs and that they are unstable versions, but in return the tests before those that only have the normal WhatsApp. The best thing is that the process is reversible, and if you don't want to continue using WhatsApp Beta, Simply uninstall it, access the Play Store and install the standard WhatsApp app. That easy.

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