WhatsApp boss says app is more secure and private than Telegram

by Kelvin
WhatsApp boss says app is more secure and private than Telegram

The controversy over the change in the terms of use of WhatsApp, which took many users by surprise and generated several criticisms of the messenger, reached the head of the division.

Will Cathcart, who is the president of the app and reports directly to the Facebook, was interviewed by the newspaper Newspaper and talked about the changes and the bad reception by the public. It even left Signal and Telegram, perhaps the platform’s main current rivals in terms of messengers.

Initially, Cathcart confirmed the postponement of the changes to May 15, instead of the original February deadline. According to him, the problem was a “communication failure” and a consequence of the circulation of “a lot of misinformation” — common accusations about messages exchanged in the app, but not coming directly from the company. He also guaranteed that ads will not appear in conversations, but that the app is “describing new tools for companies” that have commercial accounts and use the Business API service offered by the giant.


And rivals?

In the interview, rival Telegram was criticized by the businessman for not containing some basic privacy features. “Telegram doesn’t have end-to-end encryption, they keep a copy of messages, which is a real privacy and security issue. And a lot of people use Telegram more like a social network, with very large groups, very large channels, a place where public figures want to reach their followers,” he says.

Cathcart also comments that WhatsApp, due to its end-to-end encryption, is better suited for conversations between two people and small groups.

Regarding Signal, he argued that the app is a little more unstable, not least because it doesn’t foresee so many new users, and lacks additional features, such as video calls. The complete interview can be found on Folha’s website.