WhatsApp calls on iOS, some conclusions after the first days of use

by Kelvin
WhatsApp calls on iOS, some conclusions after the first days of use 1

After a week in operation, we tell you how WhatsApp calls work

WhatsApp was finally updated on iPhone and now allows VoIP calls. Mobile phones Apple Now you can make calls using WiFi networks or the data connection of our telephone rate. The arrival of this function was expected, but WhatsApp "can afford" to update slowly because it has a base of millions of loyal users who will continue to use the platform even though it is not the safest nor the most innovative.

WhatsApp calls on iOS, some conclusions after the first days of use 2

How the service is activated and works on iPhone

In the absence of an application that makes it virtually shadow, WhatsApp can afford to wait and see how certain tools work in other applications or programs and then add that function to the most recent version of the app and reach millions of users with a mere global update.


In principle, as in Android, the activation of calls in WhatsApp requires that we receive a call from a user who has the function active. Otherwise we have to wait to be chosen randomly so that our mobile has the option activated after having updated. This mode is designed not to saturate the servers suddenly in the first days of the service, although you can always use the fast method and ask a friend who already has the activated call to call us. In addition it does not matter if you call us from Android or iOS, the activation in theory works the same, although in practice many users have informed that they could receive the calls but not make them.

The first thing to say is that a WhatsApp call of approximately 2 minutes consumes an average of 1.2 Mbs. The service is easy to use because the interface is similar to that of a traditional call, but best of all, it works satisfactorily. Whether making calls over WiFi, with speed reduction or maximum speed with data plans, the sound quality is good and there are no cuts, of course this will always depend on the internet connection, remember that these are calls VoIP

WhatsApp VoIP calls are not yet 100% active

Keep in mind that the service is currently being used by a much smaller number of users compared to what it will be once it is 100% active. Anyway, it is a good start for the most important instant messaging program on the market.

The conclusions about the experience of using WhatsApp calls from iPhone during the first days are positive. The program started on the right foot with this new function, despite the great delay it has had with users of iOS devices, but it has many possibilities to become one of the references of Internet calls. Although this feature comes long after applications like Skype or Telegram WhatsApp did it again and offers high quality VoIP calls and totally free.

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