WhatsApp could soon have video calls

by Kelvin

WhatsApp could be testing the new feature of your app, the video calls

New news comes about the famous cross-platform messaging application, WhatsApp, this time it is a really interesting novelty. Apparently the developers of this app could have started a series of tests, currently in closed beta, with one of the features most required by users and could significantly improve the service. Next we will see the first screenshots and some information about the prompt arrival of video calls to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp could soon have video calls 5

WhatsApp will compete with Skype and FaceTime in the field of video calls

After the arrival of the long-awaited voice calls to WhatsApp, which have already been a reality for some time now, it seems that the app is preparing to compete with other great ones such as FaceTime, Skype and even other similar programs that allow calls to be made through the Internet connection of mobile devices. Confirmation comes directly from a new version that the company uses internally and that have sent some beta testers close to the company to carry out various tests.


As we can see through the screenshots that we will find below, WhatsApp video calls will be very similar, at least in regards to aesthetics, which can currently be done through FaceTime. According to this, the user will have at his disposal, in principle, four buttons: one of silence with which the microphone can be deactivated, one of message with which a text message can be sent while we are on a call, another of camera with which the user can change from the front camera to the back and vice versa, finally we will find the button to hang up the calls.

WhatsApp video calls will be notified, as with calls, with a written notification that will appear at the top of the screen and this will allow them to be differentiated from the normal calls that can be made through the GSM network of our operator.

WhatsApp could soon have video calls 6WhatsApp could soon have video calls 7

Video calls can be viewed through the WhatsApp application through the "calls" tab as on the pages dedicated to the chat of friends and possible missed calls will also be highlighted.

There is nothing left but to wait until the tests are finished and more start coming out evidence of the arrival of video calls to WhatsApp, in addition to the possible arrival date of the version containing this new feature.

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