WhatsApp: different sound for messages from groups and private chats

by Kelvin
Diferente sonido en las conversaciones privadas y en los grupos de WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a setting that allows you to set different personalized notifications for individual conversations and for groups.

This is very useful to differentiate the two types of chats without looking at the mobile and can help you have fewer interruptions while you are working or performing any other task and you get a message, since if it is from a group it is more likely that It is nothing urgent than if it is a direct message.


Customize notifications of private groups and chats on WhatsApp

Thanks to this configuration you can modify the sound of notifications and make it not the same for new messages of individual conversations than that of groups.

To customize this configuration, you must open the WhatsApp app and then Touchez on the Settings icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Once inside, open the Notifications section and inside you will see several sections. Those that interest you on this occasion are message notifications and group notifications.

Personalized notification in for WhatsApp groups and for private chats

Within each one you can enable or disable notifications for messages from groups or private chats and also change the sound, which is the really useful option in this case. Touchez on Sound and then choose the new sound you want to set for each type of message. Finally, Touchez on Save in the upper right corner.

Once you have made this change in the WhatsApp settings, you will have a sound for when you receive a message to a private conversation and a different one for group conversations. In this way you can differentiate them without looking at the smartphone screen, although if you want even more customization you can set a different tone for each conversation or group.

WhatsApp does not offer many customization options. That is why being able to make adjustments like this can prove to be very useful to facilitate the day to day with the application. The one who receives the most and the least receives a good handful of messages on a day-to-day basis and can have a “filter” that helps you differentiate what type of message you are receiving without having to look at the iPhone screen can become something more useful than it might seem at first.

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