WhatsApp does not delete files sent to iPhone if we click on "Delete for all"

by Kelvin

When something fails in WhatsApp the alarms go off, and although this time it is not directly related to privacy, you have to be careful since The app does not delete the files that are sent to iOS mobiles after clicking on "Delete for all."

This time it has been discovered precisely that, if we have an iPhone and receive files as photos, for example, and then decide to "Delete for all", those photos remain in the gallery as if nothing had happened.


This has a more important background, since Apple, the creative company of the iPhone, does not allow any application to access the gallery without the express consent of the user.

If you have such consent, iPhone saves files received through WhatsApp by default in the gallery. This can be changed in the settings, but there are users who ignore these options. This is something that affects privacy and also the memory of the smartphone.

However, if a photo is sent to an Android user (from an iPhone), here, the "Delete for all" function, if it works properly since the deleted file will disappear from both the sender's mobile and the recipient's mobile.

From Android to Android, there is no fault, at least not in the "Delete for all" feature offered by WhatsApp for a period of 1 hour and 8 minutes since the photo was received. This time is up to both operating systems, that is, Android and iOS.

It is expected that this WhatsApp bug will be fixed in future updates, otherwise, it will remain impassive before the user's need to delete one, or several photos with the option "Delete for all".

Change the automatic download settings of WhatsApp for iOS

Although we say "for iOS", too, Android users can follow the steps, since it doesn't vary much from one system to another. And, as we say, it is good for privacy and for internal mobile storage:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app and click on the option to "Setting" that appears on the bottom toolbar.
  2. Once inside the menu we choose "Data and storage".

Image - WhatsApp does not delete files sent to iPhone if we click on "Delete for all"

  1. Here we see the files that can be received by WhatsApp, and if we click on each of them we can decide if we want them to be downloaded only with WiFi, only with mobile data, with WiFi and data or never downloaded.

Image - WhatsApp does not delete files sent to iPhone if we click on "Delete for all"

Based on the choice that has been made, we will get the files to download by themselves, or not until we click on them. Be that as it may, once they are downloaded they will go directly to the iPhone gallery until they are manually deleted.

Until the bug is resolved, when we delete files using the "Delete for all" option of WhatsApp, we will have to run to the gallery and also remove them manually.

Via: The Hacker News

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