WhatsApp does not protect your privacy according to EFF

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WhatsApp does not protect your privacy according to EFF

WhatsApp in the field of privacy is not the best application

The most used instant messaging application in the world is not the best in terms of privacyThat was known for a long time. But when new analyzes and tests emerge that show the poor quality of WhatsApp services to protect our privacy, does anyone wonder why they continue to use this platform?

WhatsApp only gets 1 out of 5 star in terms of privacy

If you are one of the users who pay attention to privacy problems, you should analyze the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) annual report where they perform different privacy tests individually with the main application and Internet social networks

Every 12 Month Group analyzes the privacy management of the application and presents rankings with scores obtained for each service and application, represented in a range 1 to 5 the star In the 2015 edition of this report WhatsApp gets the worst score, just a star 5. Along with WhatsApp is AT&T, suppliers that only have one star according to EFF.

The only positive point for WhatsApp according to the EFF ranking is its policy towards the back doors. The remaining points analyzed give negative results for applications that are now part of Facebook.

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The five criteria analyzed by EFF to determine the level of commitment of applications and services to user privacy are:

  • Follow-up of accepted practices by the industry.
  • Warn users about government requests for information.
  • Indicates the policy of stopping the information.
  • Show government requests to delete information.
  • This is against the back door.
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WhatsApp does not protect your privacy according to EFF 3

Apple among the first in the EFF ranking

Based on responses from various applications and services in these five areas, EFF performs comparisons and ratings to determine which companies, services, and applications best protect user privacy. In the 2015 edition, the first place went to Adobe, Apple, Creed, Dropbox, Wikimedia, Yahoo! and WordPress.com.

WhatsApp is in last place, proving that there is still a lot of room for improvement if the messaging app really cares about its users. However, the lack of protection of users and their information on WhatsApp has been noticed for years, however, today it is the most widely used messaging application in the world. Perhaps privacy is not important for many users because they want us to believe or yes.

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