WhatsApp for iOS already allows listening to audios and music from notifications

by Kelvin

A functionality on WhatsApp known a few days ago is already official. The version of WhatsApp for iOS already allows users the possibility of listen to music and audios in notifications and without opening the application.

We knew this news a month ago, but it has not been until now when it is beginning to reach users. The operation is as expected and is the one that was announced a few weeks ago, so there are no surprises.


For now has not reached Android, it has landed on iOS and any user who has the latest version of WhatsApp for the iPhone can check if they can already play audio or music from their phone notifications.

Open the notification and play the audio

The new possibility of WhatsApp for iOS works very simply, just receive a audio or a music clip and do not open the app to listen to it, but simply open the notification on your iPhone and start hearing it from there.

By making a long press on the notification, a player opens with the play so that you start listening to what they have sent you, the same happens if it is a music file, but it offers a clear inconvenience, its volume is not reduced as you approach your ear.

Image - WhatsApp for iOS now allows you to listen to audios and music from notifications

Surely you have noticed that every time you are going to listen to an audio on WhatsApp it reduces its volume at the moment you put your ear near the speaker of the phone, well, that does not happen in the notifications and you will have to lower the volume manually.

You should also know that both the audio and the music that has come to you by WhatsApp you can hear it on the locked screen of your iPhone as well as when opening notifications from the main screen by sliding your finger down from the top.

Another interesting detail is that, by listening to the audio in this way, the person who sent it to you will not know that you have heard it, that is, as much as you reproduce it from the notifications, the double blue tick will not come out to the contact.

Image - WhatsApp for iOS now allows you to listen to audios and music from notifications

Also, the notification will remain there until you respond by text message to the audio or enter the conversation, the simple fact of listening does not make the notification disappear, so you can hear the audio or music as many times as you want.

This functionality is available on WhatsApp for iOS in version 2.19.90, so if you do not have it, go to update WhatsApp from the App Store and you can start enjoying this possibility, although that does not ensure that you already have it activated.

Single WhatsApp for iOS offers listening to audios and music from notifications, for Android we will still have to wait a bit, although it may not take long to arrive, because it is a very interesting and useful possibility for the user.

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