WhatsApp for iOS will allow you to play voice messages from notifications

by Kelvin
WhatsApp for iOS will allow you to play voice messages from notifications

After knowing the possibility that WhatsApp officially reaches the iPad, the king of instant messaging applications continues to add new features to continue to rival other powerful alternatives such as Telegram. It seems that a future update will allow Play voice messages from notifications.

The WABetainfo website, specialized in informing about new WhatsApp functions that are still in the test phase, has shared several screenshots that show that it will be possible to listen to audios from the notifications, that is, without having to enter the application.


Listen to the audios without your contacts knowing

WhatsApp voice message in notifications

So far, notifications can only read text messages and preview shared images. When receiving an audio it is essential to access the app in order to play it. However, this could change in the future, because beta version activates this function to a small group of users.

However, updating through TestFlight to receive the latest version in the WhatsApp test phase does not mean that we can enjoy this function. And is that the service owned by Facebook It has a peculiar way of choosing the lucky users who can test their future features, and it has to do with the last digit of our phone number.

WhatsApp audio notification

Our partner Julio César Fernández explains that this is possible because WhatsApp, despite being a native app, has not included many system functions so far as interactive notifications with rich content. That is: notifications with interactions and multimedia content exist from iOS 10, but almost nobody implements them because they require native programming and include an extension in the app. The extension is like another small executable attached to yours (the notification) that allows that interactivity. The notification connects to a view (interface) of your app and allows you to get information from it. These are the advantages of using native versus hybrid or other libraries. In future versions we could expect the implementation of video playback, even. And of course, the improvement of the quality of the attachments in the notifications, such as better quality of the images shared on both the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

Apart from voice messages, this function also allows you to play any audio file shared through WhatsApp from the notification, such as a song. As they comment from WABetainfo, the contacts that have been played will not be notified until the application is accessed. It is unknown when it will be officially available.

Sharing WhatsApp for iOS will allow you to play voice messages from notifications

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