WhatsApp for iPhone, a preview of the new update

by Kelvin

Preview of WhatsApp news for iPhone

WhatsApp is working on a very important update in its version for iPhone. An update that, for the first time, could be received only with compliments from users who in recent months have seen how Android users received mountains of news, without receiving anything on the iOS platform. In TodoiPhone.net we tell you what are the news of the new update of WhatsApp for iPhone from the filtered images that circulate on the Internet.

Support for Apple Watch

WhatsApp will finally be compatible with the smart watch of Apple. The scope of this compatibility is still unknown, although it has already been confirmed that we can receive messages on the watch, and continue the conversation from the iPhone. Despite the update, from WhatsApp they still haven't confirmed if there will be a native app for Apple Watch.


WhatsApp will have new graphics

About 2 years have passed since the last update of the WhatsApp graphical interface, apparently in the new update for iOS there will be a design change. The images show a style quite similar to the one currently used by the app in its Android version, with pastel colors and a minimalist style.

WhatsApp for iPhone, a preview of the new update 5

WhatsApp Web comes to iOS

After several programming complications, finally WhatsApp users on iOS can use the WhatsApp Web version to follow the conversations from the computer at all times. It is not yet confirmed when it will arrive, but in the future version of WhatsApp iOS users will be able to continue chatting from the computer.

New prices

In the last WhatsApp beta, the new pricing plans for the WhatsApp subscription service. In the updated version the subscription process will be completed through an in-app purchase, being able to buy up to 5 years of service. Prices range from 0.89 euros per year of service to packages of 2.69 euros for three years and 4.49 euros for five years of subscription. If you already have an unlimited subscription account, then you won't have to pay again.

Message function read / unread

After the rumors, from WhatsApp they confirmed that the new version will include the function of marking the messages as read or unread, something similar to what it allows to do Facebook and that is already enabled in the WhatsApp beta.

The Like button was discarded

Some rumors indicated that a function similar to the one I like to appear Facebook, but in the last beta it is not present and at the moment there is no official confirmation to include it in future versions.

Custom notifications

The new update of WhatsApp will allow you to customize the notifications for each conversation, in this way we can know who is speaking directly to us by listening to the type of notification of each conversation. Ideal for when we have many open conversations at once and we don't want to get confused when sending an answer.

WhatsApp for iPhone, a preview of the new update 6WhatsApp for iPhone, a preview of the new update 7

Mute individual chats

Like the groups, the new version of WhatsApp for iPhone will let us silence individual chats In case you want some peace of mind. Notifications and messages will continue to arrive, but without making noise.

Video backups in iCloud

In the new WhatsApp we can configure the automatic backup in iCloud in which we can include the videos that we exchange with friends through the chats on WhatsApp. A useful function for those who wish to preserve all the material that is shared, but which will surely slow down the process of creating backup copies.

Data saving mode for VoIP calls

Now that VoIP calls are already secured between WhatsApp users, the application will be updated with a data saving mode to avoid spending our data rate when we connect via WiFi or to reduce data consumption in case of urgent calls through 3G.

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