Whatsapp for Windows: 4 things to improve

by Kelvin
Whatsapp for Windows: 4 things to improve

It is true that WhatsApp for PC has received improvements and news recently. Now, for example, you can see the statuses of our contacts, and even from this summer you can make video calls from your computer. However, it still leaves a lot to be desired in many aspects and lacks many of the options that are available in competitions like Telegram, for example.

Whatsapp on Windows

Voice calls and video calls

Video calling on WhatsApp has been around for a long time, just like voice calling. However, they have not yet reached the PC. Although from a mobile phone we can make video calls or voice calls (up to 8 participants) without any problem, if we try to do it from the desktop or over the internet it will redirect us to an independent platform Facebook Messenger.


Videollamada WhatsApp Messenger

It is impossible to make calls to WhatsApp from a PC like from a mobile. And this is a serious disadvantage for many.

Become independent from WhatsApp on your mobile

When WhatsApp came to PC, users were thrilled. Just for a few seconds. The developers of this messaging client did not make an independent client like any other chat (Telegram, Hangouts, etc.), but instead created a remote control interface that basically allows us to control the mobile messaging client from the computer. This is what we know as Whatsapp web

It is unfortunate that at this point, PCs (both web and desktop) continue to rely on mobile devices. Facebook should work on this and create an independent client that will allow us to use this client for messaging independently, without having to have a mobile phone nearby.

Add new contacts from WhatsApp to PC

Adding contacts to WhatsApp is not intuitive (since we have to save them in the phone book itself), but on a PC it is not even possible. Neither the web version nor the desktop version of the messaging client will be able to add new contacts to start a conversation with. We’ll have to grab a cell phone, save the new number in the phone book, and find it in the messaging client to start talking to it.

And the point is not that the PC does not have access to contacts, since, for example, we will be able to share them through chats.

Share audio files and locations

WhatsApp allows us to send photos and videos from a computer, just like from a mobile. However, the sharing options for this messaging client are much more limited than they should be. For example, if we think about sending audio file (like a song) or share location with another person (even if it is not ours) we will not be able to do this.

Comparison on PC with WhatsApp

Hopefully in 2021 Facebook will react and pay more attention to the PC version of WhatsApp. Let’s see if we can finally become mobile phone independent.